Yoga for Obesity


Yoga for Obesity

Everyone in the world wishes to look smart, beautiful/handsome and most important “SLIM”, Fit and fine. But most common problem, majority of people facing is Excess weight gain. It has become very usual in our life because of the lifestyles that we are living, eating  food with extra calories, ignorance about health and lack of consciousness about yoga.

Today our young generation love to watch T.V, play video games or any kind of indoor games,  rarely do any kind of exercise or play, not only young generation of our society but also adult and mature people are very much attracted toward luxury, comfort life and hardly spend time for a walk or exercise or yoga or take their children to park and play  with them ,isn’it? As a result, it reflect the outcome on their health resulting into weight gain and obesity. These are only a few factors, which have resulted in increasing number of people who are  suffering from the problem of excess weight or obesity. So there is Need of Yoga for Obesity

What is obesity?

1. Excess deposition or accumulation of fats (Resulting in increased weight)
2. In today’s modern and highly advanced world, no time for Physiologic bodily function, resulting in aggregation of fats.
3. Obesity may become reason or invitation  for various other diseases like hypertension,cardiopathy, diabetes & infertility also.
4.  Obesity is physical, mental and emotional imbalance of the body.
Obesity is not just increase in body weight but it gives an invitation to many hazardous diseases like Heart problem,renal failure, Brain stoke, Diabetes, Cancer, Sleep Apnoea, Osteoarthritis, Gout, Disease of Gallbladder etc

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Health Problem Due To Obesity , Yoga for Obesity
Health problem due to Obesity

Dieting is not the only solution for it because excess dieting may lead to weakness and health problem. To lose weight, it is important to do exercise programs, practice yoga for obesity which are not too hard and tedious but may yield satisfactory results. Sometimes sudden loss of weight makes skin very rough and sags making one feel not so good. The best way is to lose weight slowly and gradually and for good result start Yoga for obesity as it offers the best solution to this problem.

Yoga for Obesity is very helpful and beneficial in weight lose program, it shapes the body in a uniformed manner and gradually result into a Slender body not as if any other” weight loss program”  which claims to decrease your weights but leading to side effects. Yoga for Obesity can be perform and practiced at any age to keep the body supple and slim. Stressful life, wrong and untimed food habits, eating junk food, lack of exercise, laziness etc. could be some of the reasons resulting in weight gain Make up your mind and get ready to lose weight using most simple, easy form of Yoga for Obesity. Many celebrities, dietician, doctors and even physician believed that yoga is the best means of reducing weight without any kinds of side effect or health hazard.

Causes of Obesity

Obesity is mainly because of bad eating habit. Not only children but also adult are very much attracted toward toward fatty food, junk food, chips etc. Eating food full of calories and fat may be one of the factor of obesity.Beside bad eating habits, there are many more reason resulting into causes of  Obesity like lack of daily exercise or physical activities, luxury lifestyle of living in modern society, lack of yoga or meditation, hormone imbalance in the body, metabolic syndrome, Alimentation etc.

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Yoga for obesity

Through Yoga for Obesity or overweight. one can  reduce weight slowly in a permanent manner.As you manage to reduce your excess weight of the body, another challenge would be for you  is to maintain it constant. Taking proper diet can be one way  to maintain your weight .  Not only regular and daily practice of Yoga for Obesity but also balanced diet is recommended for maintaining good health.

Many researchers have proved that those who started practicing Yoga for Obesity who were overweight started to lose weight about 6 pounds during the same time period those not practicing yoga gained pounds, Simply the sole condition is that it is to be kept on, weight losing also depend on the type of yoga practicing like stretching.

Different types of Yoga for Obesity

They are Shoulder stand and fish pose, Ardha-matsyendra-ASANA– The Half Spinal Twist Pose, Vinyasa or flow yoga, The Sun Salutation – Suryanamaskar, Ashtanga yoga , hot yoga. Yoga for Obesity  is the best of all to reduce weight safely and securely with 100% assurance. So are you rid of dieting or heavy exercises then get relief from all your worries because the only solution to your and our problem of overweight is YOGA and only yoga.

Weighty individuals won’t be able to do a lot of  asanas. It is advisable to begin with a couple of asanas that you will be able to practise easy and so increment the no of asanas. Beginning yoga with a couple of uncomplicated asanas could likewise develop noteworthy consequence on your body disciplining and weight loss program depending upon your wellness and flexibleness, you are able to decide some of the succeeding asanas for Obesity. The soft asanas that are suggested for beginners are Vajra – ASANA – The Thunderbolt Pose, Kapalbhati Pranayam Sarpasana etc. Exercise of every asanas wish to have a additive consequence of bringing down fatty tissue particularly from stomach and contract waist. Steady practice session will make your torso fit and fine.

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The list of  asana that can be performed to control Obesity or  Overweight problem of health are

Trikona – ASANA– The Triangle Pose 

Trikona Asana - The Triangle Pose
Trikona Asana – The Triangle Pose

Pavana – Mukta – ASANA-The Wind-releasing Pose

Pavanamuktasana - The Wind Releasing Pose
Pavanamuktasana – The Wind Releasing Pose

Naga – ASANA- The Cobra Pose

Naga Asana- The Cobra Pose
Naga Asana- The Cobra Pose

Tada -ASANA- The Mountain Pose

tada asana The Mountain Pose
tada asana The Mountain Pose

Uttanapadasana-Raised Legs Pose

Uttanapadasana - Raised Legs Pose.
Uttanapadasana – Raised Legs Pose.

Shalabha-Asana–The Locust Pose

Shalabhasana - The Locust Pose
Shalabhasana – The Locust Pose

 Vajra – ASANA – The Thunderbolt Pose


Practise Yoga for Obesity and change the overall health.


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