Vrischika Asana – The Scorpion Pose

Vrischika Asana – The Scorpion Pose

Introduction of  Vrischika Asana

The meaning of the Sanskrit word Vrischika stands for a scorpion. This pose is so named as Vrischika Asana or scorpion pose because while performing this asana our body resembles and looks like a scorpion. A  scorpion is an insect who has its tail curved above its head prepared to bite its victim. This asana is not as simple as it may look. A beginner may find it really difficult for the first time to perform this asana.
The usual Pronunciation of this asana is vrik-shah-sa-na

Benefits of  Vrischika Asana The Scorpion Pose

  • This asana aid in maximising wellness and vital force of our body.
  • It gives strengths to the muscle of hand and arms.
  • Increases the balance power of the body. As you balance your entire body on your hands, the muscle of wrist and palm. It gets strengthen a lot.
  • It helps in curing the abdominal disorder.
  • This asana provides extra flexibility and elasticity to your spine and belly.
  • Vrischika Asana helps you in shaping your body posture or figure.
  • Whenever you can’t execute this pose fully, then you may practice it in half pattern. It is known as the Ardha Vrishchikasana or Half Scorpion Posture.
  • Vrischika Asana or  scorpion Pose combines up many advantages of Chakrasana or  Wheel Posture and Sirshasana or Head Stand Pose.
  • Unless and until you’re well-fixed with every balance postures like Vrikshasana,  The Tree Pose, Ekapadasnan or One-Legged Pose or Sirsha-asana, then you may try out with scorpion pose. Any person who is trying this asana for the first time then there should be a yoga teacher or supervisor.
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Steps for Benefits of  Vrischika-Asana – The Scorpion Pose

1. Firstly slowly kneel down on the floor, leaning your body in a forward direction, keep your elbows and forearms fixed on the floor such that your palms are facing downward toward the floor.

2. Maintain space between your arms equally the size of your shoulder.

Vrischika Asana– The Scorpion Pose
Vrischika -Asana– The Scorpion Pose

3. Thenceforth bring you head little forwards and keep it lifting as high up as possible.

4. According to your body strength tardily try arousing both the buttocks and then bring your feet on the bottom of your toes.

5. Maintain the Vrischika Asana pose for a while.

6. Breathe in and try to swing your legs in the upward direction above your head take your time to get your body stable while keeping your balance.

7. Slowly bow your leg and bring your legs directly up over your head balance yourself and try not to move.

8.Once the bottoms of your feet are over your head, your pose will absolutely look like a scorpion.

9.Hold the posture for 10 -30 sec and then return to the normal position in a reverse manner.


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