Varun Mudra

Varun Mudra
Varun Mudra

Introduction:- Varun Mudra

The Sankrit meaning of the word “Varun” means  “water”. This mudra is also known as Mudra of Water, this mudra step-ups the Jal i.e water component within the body. This mudra helps oneself to uphold and maintain the water counterbalance in the body. A lack of water in the body, leads to dehydration of tissues inside the body but by carrying out of Varun mudra , you can increment the water capacity of the torso through appropriately impacting the water-metabolism. The practice session of this mudra re-normalizes water components in the torso and bequeath remedy several diseases and sicknesses induced through the reduced level of water component. The component water is likewise linked up with tongue and sense of taste. Consequently , this mudra may make up to overpower disorderlinesses like going of taste-sense, waterlessness of mouth etc.

Benefits of Varun Mudra

Varun Mudra
                                Varun Mudra

People with a frequent Pitta+Kapha constitution should execute this mudra in relief.

  • Varun Mudra meliorates and make the skin gleam, glow and lustrous.
  • As it moisturises the torso, it is also a mudra, which sparks off the salivary secretory organ to release saliva.
  • It remedies many skin disease like pimple, scar marks, dullness of skin, wrinkles.
  • This mudra is very beneficial in curing many blood related disease.
  • It also liberates stultification
  • It helps in curing drying up, dehydration and also belly infection.
  • It solves the problem of health like waterlessness of eyes,  waterlessness of the mouth, throat and intestines, dryness of the skin resulting to cracks eczema.
  • This mudra help to cure the insufficiency of hormones,  scanty urination, Anaemia, cramps, scanty seminal fluid, Osteo-Arthritis, scanty menses, tongue disorder.
  • It is very healthful in gastroantraitis, diarrhea and also loosens up muscular contraction of muscular tissue.
  •  Remedies kidney defective and boosts urination.
  • Makes pure the blood and cures numerous blood disease.
  • Remove impurenesses from the blood and purifies it.
  • Brings down nervous tenseness.
  • Improve the rate of homeoglobin.
  • Reduces the level of chlorostrol in the body, contributing to best performance of heart.
  •  This mudra helps in reducing stomach ulcers to a great extent.
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Method of Varun Mudra

Firstly spread out your fingers straight then join the tip of the little finger with the tip of thumb, keeping with the other three fingers stretched out.

Time duration

There is not any hard and fast time table for this mudra. It bears no particular time duration and one may exercise it according to their time comfort.
You can execute Varun Mudra for least 15 minutes 3 times a day or 45 minutes at a extend for prolonged conditions.


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