Ushtra Asana – The Camel Pose


Introduction: Ushtra Asana – The Camel Pose

The meaning of the sanskrit word ushtra signifies camel. Ushtra Asana implies to stretch  and opens the whole of the front of the body, including the hip flexors and pectoral muscles. Traditionally it is seen as opening the “heart centre”.
It is usually and correctly pronounced as oosh-trah-sa-na.

Benefits of  Ushtra Asana – The Camel Pose

There are many advantage and benefits of Ushtra Asana or Camel Pose like

  •  It Stop hair fall rate .
  • It Helps a lot in curing the problem of lungs and bronchial.
  • It eliminate and remove toxins from the body.
  • It relieve from severe back pain and cramps.
  • It improve the flexibility of neck ,throat,abdomen area.
  • It boost up the flow of oxygenated blood through Kidneys.
  • It give strengthness to back bone and shoulder.
  • It meliorates the respiratory and reproductive organs functions.
  • It improves core strength, spinal, hip and shoulder flexibility and stamina.

Steps for Ushtra Asana – The Camel Pose

Ushtra Asana - The Camel
Ushtra Asana – The Camel

1. Sit down properly on your knees such that  the heels of the feet  are compressed against the buttocks and the calves of the legs lie fixed to the floor.

2. Stretching in  backward direction slowly try to hold the right ankle with your right hand and the left ankle with your left hand.

3. Breathe in by  your nostrils and then arise the buttocks slowly off the legs forming arch  with the backbone while forcing the stomach in forward direction,  slant the head as back as achievable.

4. Breath softly by the nostrils as carrying the posture  or carry on the pose for the time period of breath in breath.

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5. Breathe out and come back to the kneeling pose.