Top 8 Best Healthy Snacks For All

Healthy Nuts
Healthy Nuts

Healthy snacks can sometimes be a “Great Challenge.” If you’re the really interest with how to make healthy snacks, believe me you are at the right place. I prefer  homemade snacks, or snacks without any additives (eg: fruit and vegetables). Often the supermarket snacks are are full of refined sugar, fats and harmful preservatives. Relax Because you can easily opt for a healthy snack.

The following list contains a mix of homemade snacks and ready-to-eat, sometimes with  recipe. The most important thing for me at this table is that the snacks contain many nutrients and therefore are free of unnecessary additives and flavorings, fragrances and dyes. Just ‘real food’!

1Nuts Nutritious and super healthy snacks!

Healthy Nuts

Take unroasted, unsalted nuts in a big bowl. Possibly mixed with some raisins. You may add variety of nuts to make it as healthy snacks for kids and adult too. It is readily available at any health food store, in the large regular supermarket. Because you choose unroasted nuts, you get into any extra unnecessary fats. And you avoid choosing a surplus of salt for unsalted nuts. Nuts fill well and are full of protein and good nutrition.

Method :Heat a teaspoon of olive oil in a frying pan, add a handful of mixed unsalted nuts and cook a few minutes until they brown. Now add a generous tablespoon of honey and remove immediately from heat. Caramelized, sticky notes tastes like a real treat! Soo tasty, yet healthy! It is a healthy snacks for kids and adult too.