Tips for Yoga, Asana and Age for Yoga

No age limit for Yoga

Age for Asana

Tips for Yoga And Asana and Age for Yoga
                     No age limit for Yoga

The main intention of Yoga and Asana is to get control over your restless mind and soul. Asana is practiced to increase your concentration level and develop inner happiness and peace but at the same time it is very essential to be aware about your age, physical strength, mental ability and health problem.

There is no Age limit for Yoga

If you are well alert about all this factor then only you can absorb complete benefits of Yoga and Asana. As such there is no age restriction for Yoga practice, you can start yoga and asana at the age of  60 also and  continue even if you are 100 yrs of age. Children can begin Yoga and Asana from 10 yrs of their age onward.

Old, Weak people can do only specific of asana for limited time period only. Children and youth free from health problem are capable of practicing all type of asana. It is suggested and advisable that pregnant women do not perform any difficult and stretchy asana.

People suffering from chronic health problem must consult with their doctors before beginning of any kind of asana.

Precaution for Yoga

Yoga is a sacred way of leading a better life if and only if when it is executed in a proper way. In spite of many benefits of Yoga. You have to follow certain precaution for Yoga like people who are suffering from high or low blood pressure and heart disorder must consult  their doctor or Yoga instructor  before practicing any kind of Yoga pose.

  • Don’t practice Yoga or Asana on sofas and beds.
  • Those who have respiration troubles should not hold their breath  while executing Pranayama.
  • Don’t do yoga in sunlight or after having sun-bath.
  • Make sure that you perform Yoga according to steps and in proper manner to avoid any adverse effect.
  • Soon after Yoga avoid any difficult exercises like skipping,  jogging, cycling, swimming etc.
  • Practice yoga in quite and peaceful area to attain peace of mind.
  • Practice Yoga  with comparatively empty stomach.
  • Stop taking senseless amount of tea, hot and spicy food, coffee, soft drinks, tobacco.
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Drink lots of water at least 7 to 9 glasses every day,  execute every Yoga steps and  poses very slowly and carefully to avoid any accidents, never force yourself to attain the Yoga Posture if the pose is hard then skip it.  If you feel pain in body part then stop the practice and relax for a while.Pregnant women must avoid inverted pose and difficult asana.

Breathing Rules for Yoga

It is most important to understand the breathing rules while doing Yoga or Asana. In all most all the Asana there is a proper sequence of breathing out and breathing in.

Keep in mind that while performing Yoga and Asana, when you bend in  forward direction you have to breath out i.e exhale and when you bend or stretch in backward direction, you have to breath in i.e inhale.

Always respire through your nose and not with mouth because respiration through nose filter the air before going inside.