Sukhasana – The Easy Pose

Introduction: Sukhasana – The Easy Pose

The meaning of the sanskrit word Sukha signifies pleased, happy  or  at ease or comfortable and asana means Pose or seat , hence Sukhasana  is referred  as a easy and comfortable sitting position. it is an easy Pose, nice Pose, or pleasurable Pose of asana practiced in yoga. It is a sitting and relaxation asana  in a simple cross-legged position.

It is pronounced as soo-kha-sah-nah

Benefits of sitting in Sukhasana

It is particularly an asana meant for meditation (dhyana). It is the most easy asana as compared to Padmasana. The benefits and advantage of Sukhasana-The Easy Pose are as

  • It unfolds the hips and stretch the spine.
  • Lets off physiological and psychological exhaustion and fatigue.
  • It encourages internal calmness .
  • It heightens the state of tranquility, quietness, and eradicates anxiousness.  Tone up and strengthen the  backbone.
  • Promotes groundedness and inner calm.

Precaution For Sukhasana – The Easy Pose

It is better to avoid Sukhasana just in case of recent or prolonged knee or hip hurt or inflammation.

Steps for Sukhasana – The Easy Pose

Sukhasana – The Easy Pose
  1. Sit down comfortably on the yoga mat such that your hips should be straight and raised four to six inches.
  2. Crisscross your legs inwards direction, beginning with your left leg inward  and so your right leg.
  3. Keep up a sufficient gap between your feet and your pelvis.
  4. Set your palms on your knees in a resting mode and  balance over your renal pelvis.
  5. Get gently ahead onto your sit-bones to forbid your body from reclining or leaning backward just merely balance your  vertebral column over your pelvis.
  6. Then, breathe in and uplift your spine through the top of your head.
  7. Breathe out and loosen up your shoulders. Widen the thorax and clavicles without turning firmly between the shoulder blades.
  8. Relax by closing your eyes. Un-strain your facial muscular tissue, your jaw, and the anterior naris. Let the tip of the  tongue touched the roof of your mouth.
  9. Breath tardily by your nostrils for as long as it is comfortable.
  10. Maintain the pose for as long as possible.
  11. End the pose by  straightening  out your legs in forward direction and shake them gently.
  12. Iterate the pose by crossing the legs in the opposite way.
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