Sirsha Asana -The Head-Stand

Sirsha Asana -The Head-Stand
Sirsha Asana -The Head-Stand

Introduction to Sirsha Asana:

The thinking of the sanskrit word sirsha entails head. Hence this pose is known as headstand posture. Sirsha Asana. The Head-Stand is popularly linked up with the practice of Yoga. In yoga recitation, Sirsha Asana. The Head-Stand represents one and only the most significant yoga postures. Dubbed as “master of all the yoga poses”, headstand pose proved beneficial for the whole body when practiced safely. In the headstand pose, the torso is entirely inverted and  sustained by the forearms. Upside-down asanas invert the gravitational activity of the body;  In Sirsha Asana / The Head-Stand the orientation course draws in the ways of head and therefore it brings the mind ready for meditation. The general pronunciation of this Asana is lile sir-shah-sa-na.

Benefits of  Sirsha Asana – The Head-Stand

There are numerous benefits of Sirsha Asana. The Head-Stand. It aids to meliorate digestion, specially whenever you’re tolerating/facing constipation problem. This asana brings down anxiousness, tension, improves wellness and promotes confidence. Sirsha Asana, The Head-Stand evokes the pressure level upon contraceptive diaphragm and therefore it equanimities and intensifies respiration. This Asana does good for the brain and internal organs as it flows blood to  tissues and cells.

Sirsha Asana helps in curing the problem  of menopause, headaches, sinusitis, feverishness, diabetes, depressive disorder or depression. Through inverting the gravitational attraction this asana helps oneself to overcome troubles of the kidneys, liver, bowels, abdomen and sex organ. Helps in making your skin glow, remove  dark circles as blood rush toward the brain(face).  Might be helpful in gaining memory loss. Improve body posture. Give strengthness to lungs, neck, stomach, shoulder joint, backbone and arm muscles.

Sirsha Asana also Increase the flow of fresh blood to the brain thus making sharper and intelligent . Arouses the systema nervosum(nervous system). Increments the output of steroid hormone. Serves to remedy coughing, coldnesses, sinusitis, bronchial asthma and pharyngitis. helps oneself to lengthen backbone and let off pressure level on lower backbone. Increases concentration power of the mind.

Sirsha Asana -The Head-Stand
Sirsha-Asana-The Head-Stand

Steps For Sirsha Asana / The Head-Stand

1. Sit down comfortably on your kneel posture , keeping your buttocks resting on the heels of the feet.

2. Incline ahead and put your forearms on the base before you as maintaining the elbow joint bout shoulder length separate.

3. Interlace the fingers of both the hands.

4. Bring the top of the head flat on the floor with the back of the head compressed versus the inside of the interlocked fingers.

5. Pointing the tips of the toes securely on the floor whilst arising the heels, arouse the knees away the floor.

6. Arrest for the length of the carried breathed in breath. As you can not arrest the breath at ease anymore, tardily breathe out and come back  to the floor, slideway the legs out upright coming back to the  Shava–Asana – The Corpse Pose

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