Simple And Effective Yoga For Firm Breast.

Kapalbhati Pranayam
Simple &Effective yoga for firm breast
Simple & Effective yoga for firm breast

In this article you will find wonderful ideas and yoga exercises that lead to firm breast without surgery if they are done regularly. Did you know that yoga is good not only for the waist, hips, abdomen, thighs, skin and weight loss, but for the breast as well. Through yoga, you could easily tighten it. Learn unique yoga for firm breast to tighten your breast. Yoga will help you to enjoy firm, uplift and attractive breast to boost your personality and self confidence.

Shape your breasts without painful and expensive surgical procedure. To do this, you only have to spend half an hour a day to make the breasts more beautiful. We will show you how!

Yoga For Firm Breast – Kapalbhati

Kapalbhati Pranayam
Kapalbhati Pranayam

The best yoga for firm breast and for effective breast tightening without surgery is “Kapalabhati” . This is done optimally in the “Lotus” position. Be careful not to bend your back.
Start with “kapalabhati“. Breathe deeply and slowly, through the nose, trying to make your belly full with air. Breathe quickly, So that you can hear that and contract your abdominal muscles. Repeat the whole process 20 times. If it does not make you dizzy, make step by step 3 series with 20 repetitions. You may make breaks between the series by  breathing normally. If you have already learned the technique well, try to concentrate your thoughts below the umbilical level.
This type of breathing works very well against headache, insomnia and weakness.

Yoga For Firm Breast – An Alternate Breathing

Anulom vilom
Anulom vilom

Yoga for firm breast is achieved properly through alternative breathing or Anulom Vilom Pranayam.
Continue with the “alternative breathing”. Open your right hand and bend your index finger and middle finger. Press your right nasal cavity with the thumb, with the fourth finger – the left one.
Breathe through the left nasal cavity for 2 seconds.
Hold your breath, pressing both nostrils for 8 seconds.
Breathe through the right nostril, pressing the left for 4 seconds.
Repeat the exercise by changing the 2 nostrils each time.
This is a series. Make 3 set of each side. If you get dizzy, start breathing normally between the series or interrupt the exercise.
Other benefits of the yoga exercises, besides the  breast tightening – regular training and practicing protects against stress and prevents mental illness.
Eliminate the nervousness, irritability, etc. Continue with the asanas that are good for the breast.

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Yoga For Firm Breast – Cobra Pose

Naga Asana- The Cobra Pose
Naga Asana- The Cobra Pose

The easy exercise for breast tightening , which we suggest is Cobra Pose. This is the asana of rejuvenation. It is very suitable for problems with the spine. Smoothing the wrinkles, makes the general body position better, shaping the breast, the waist, the pelvis and the thighs.
Hands under the shoulders, forehead on the floor. Move head forward. Shoulder blades backwards, head lift, buttocks tighten. Go further as far as it is pleasant. You would have to do the exercise with your legs wide, so you can train your chest better. Breathe out and do the exercise 3-4 more times.

Bhujangasana, or “The Cobra”, has great effects on your body. The yoga exercise increases your lung volume, stretches your chest muscles, strengthens the abdominal muscles and improves your posture.

Yoga For Firm Breast – Bow and Arrow Pose

Dhanurasana The bow Pose
Dhanurasana The bow Pose

The bow pose (Sanskrit: Dhanurasana) is one of the principles of Hatha Yoga. It helps to stretch the entire spine, strengthen the upper back muscles and strengthen the arms and thighs. At the same time, your breasts are also toned.

Stay on your stomach to make the “bow” for breast tightening without surgery . Breathe calmly during exercise. Bend your knees, hold your hands to your feet and lift your feet and your head. So stay between 10-30 seconds. When you do it, try to rock the body in that position. If possible, make 5 times, with breaks.

Yoga For Firm Breast – The Fish Pose

Matsyasana - The Fish Pose
Matsyasana – The Fish Pose

The next  Breast lift exercises Asana for beautiful  breast lift without surgery is the “fish pose”. It is best for the breast, the bosom, and the neck.
Place hands under the buttocks, as far as possible towards thighs. Inhalation, lifting the chest and placing the head backwards. Keep the chest as far as possible. 3/4 of the weight is on the hands, 1/4 on the head. Please note: the stretch is in the chest area, not in the lumbar area. Take a break after the exercise.

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Yoga For Firm Breast –  The Wheel Pose

Chakra-asana- Wheel Posture
Chakra-asana- Wheel Posture

Now comes “the wheel”. To influence the breast better, you should feel more pressure in the hands than in the legs. The yoga exercise called chakrasana, or also called wheel, develops a strong flexibility in the abdomen, chest, shoulders, thighs and back. An exercise that relieves neck tension, improves the return flow from venous blood to the heart, and supports digestion by stretching the abdominal organs.

And this is how it works: Your hands and feet are on the ground with this asana, your head is turned around, your upper body stretched towards the ceiling. Beginners start from the ground and lift themselves into the bent back position, advanced players can bend backwards from the stand.

Yoga For Firm Breast – The Camel Pose

Ushtra Asana - The Camel
Ushtra Asana – The Camel

The camel pose (Sanskrit: Ustrasana) is effective in the fight against back pain – and effective for beautiful, firm breasts. Why? Because this exercise strengthens the chest. Here’s how: Ustrasana is a backward bend, where you reach your heels with your hands one after the other. The arms are stretched, the hip remains above the knees. Head and neck are relaxed, the pose is held for several breaths.This  Asana for breast lift  is not so easy.

Yoga For Firm Breast – Virabhadrasana


The Yoga Warrior (Sanskrit: Virabhadrasana) is a yoga exercise that refers to the great warrior Virabhadra. It is not only very stressful but also helps your upper body to become elastic and active. In the pose, the left leg is bent by 90 degrees, the knee is just above the ankle. The arms are extended aside parallel to the floor, the palms facing down. The hip is turned to the left so that tension is generated in the thighs.

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Yoga For Firm Breast – The Triangle Pose

Trikona Asana - The Triangle Pose
Trikona Asana – The Triangle Pose

The triangle pose (Sanskrit: Trikonasana) strengthens your chest, stretches your spine and improves blood flow. This is how it works: place your feet far apart from each other on the yoga mat, the left is turned 90 degrees, the right is 15 degrees. Touch your left ankle with your left hand and stretch your right arm up. Both arms should form a line. The knees are straight, the face looks upwards. The exercise can be repeated with the other side.

Yoga For Firm Breast – The headstand

Sirsha Asana -The Head-Stand
Sirsha Asana -The Head-Stand

Salamba Sirsasana, or head-head, generally stretches the muscles of the spine and upper body. It is intended to help to improve breathing and blood flow. If necessary, you can start practicing against a wall to maintain the balance. In this yoga exercise, you bring both legs up, so one leg after the other touches the wall, then you stretch both legs. The whole body is perpendicular to the floor, the spine straight, the shoulders raised. Stay at least one minute in this posture.

He who repeats these exercises more frequently will soon see a strengthening of the thoracic muscles, which, in turn, is reflected in a beautiful form of the chest. Just try it out – and devote yourself to the power of asanas.