Shunya Mudra Cure Numbness?

Introduction: Shunya Mudra

The meaning of the Sanskrit Shunya is the intention of `zero` or `sky’ and Mudra means Hand gesture thus Shunya Mudra is the mudra of Sky. Sky is linked up with the most eminent forces with the `superior soul`, the God. Shunya Mudra requires the movement of middle finger which is the connection or association of `sky. It is believed that the sky in Mudra Vigyan, is the kind of gateway and passage to the heaven or paradise.

Benefits of Shunya Mudra.

  • It meliorates and impaired hearing capacity.
  • It improves the voice quality of those who are dumb since from birth.
  • It remedies numbness in whatsoever part of the body.
  • It forbids and heals hearing loss, painful sensation in the ears or any other problems related to hearing.
  • It likewise helps oneself in sickness, giddiness, and journey illness.
  • If practiced every day then it can provide healthful consequences on earaches.
  • Contribute relaxation to sudden senselessness of body referable to some shock.
  • It too helps in the problem of the nose and the throat.

Precaution of Shunya Mudra.

Shunya Mudra .
Shunya Mudra .

Avoid practicing this mudra during eating time and while walking or roaming.

Methods of Shunya Mudra.

It is one of the easiest and most beneficial mudra ever known. It is very simple to perform this mudra. Slowly curve the middle finger till it comes in contact with the ball of your thumb. Gently press down the thumb on the middle finger. Make sure that the other fingers should be extended straightaway upwardly. Perform the mudra with each hand. Do the mudra three times daily for at least 15 minutes as a course of instruction for treatment. This is a exceptional practice session versus ear and hearing troubles. It may likewise rapidly cure nostalgia and nearly complete diseases of the ear as practiced for a longer period of time.

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