Shakti Mudra Can Cure Insomnia.

mudra for insomia
Mudra for sound sleep

Introduction: Shakti Mudra

Shakti mudra is a hand gesture that allow different psychological and physiological benefits. Shakti symbolizes the Goddess Durga in Hindu Religion and mudra is referred as  hand gesture in Sanskrit.
The word “Shakti” signifies empowerment and a sense of power within.

Benefits of Shakti Mudra

    • The biggest benefit of shakti mudra is to heal insomnia.  It has a soothing effect on the body and  it help to fall asleep at night
    • It steps up the respiratory momentum in the lower chest area.
    • It loosens up the whole body and fight against mental stress.
    • This mudra unstrains the pelvic area of a person and counteracts cramps in the intestines. Furthermore, it helps women during menstrual problem.
    • In addition to bettering sleep and getting efficient result in insomnia and unusual sleeping disorderliness’s, it likewise helps to supercharge the inner physical energy and intensity.
    • It helps people suffering from chronic insomnia
    • It settles down the nervous system and the mind.

Method of  Shakti Mudra

Shakti mudra for insomia
Mudra for sound sleep
  1. Position your ring fingers and little fingers together
    Now place your thumb in the palm
  2. Slowly bend down other fingers i.e middle finger and fore finger broadly over your thumb.
  3. This mudra  should be done with both hands.

Precaution for Shakti Mudra.

In spite of numerous benefit, the practitioner should be careful while executing  as it has a side effect. If the Mudra is used for a long time or done too oftentimes, it might result in lethargic trends.