Really Marjariasana -The Cat Pose increase height?


Introduction: Marjariasana – The Cat Pose

The meaning of the sanskrit word “Marjari” signifies ‘cat’ and “asana” means ‘Pose. Hence this pose as known as Marjariasana or Cat Pose. It is also known by the name Bidalasana because the word Bidal also stands for Cat. After exercising cat pose you’ll experience fresh aliveness and vitality hit your spine. This asana is supported on approximately poses demonstrated by cats, particularly when the cat wakes up after sleeping.

This asana is usually pronounced as mar-jar-ee-ahh-sanna

Benefits of  Marjariasana – The Cat Pose

  • The Cat pose might look like as one of the easy pose of Yoga. It is a fantastic and tremendous  pose which help develop concentration level and consciousness of the body.
  • The medulla spinalis i.e spinal cord becomes flexible and stretched out. It also rubbed down the spinal cord muscles.
  • This asana is very beneficial in term of abdominal muscle organs. The internal organs(viscuses) are too granted regenerated blood flow, facilitating to improve their action.
  • It helps a lot in bringing down the level of stress and strain.
  • It is best pose for making a slender backbone and preventing or forbidding accidental injury to spine.
  • It aids in  Purification of the blood.
  • It Remedies tenseness in the low backbone and provide relief form pain.
  • The most important advantage of cat pose is that it helps in increasing  height of the body.
  • This pose may likewise help oneself set up a stabilize respiration rhythm method.

Steps for Marjariasana – The Cat Pose

Marjariasana - Bidalasana r- Cat-Pose
Marjariasana – Bidal asana – Cat Pose
  1. Firstly sit down in Vajra–Asana–The Thunderbolt Pose.
  2. Come or balance yourself  on your knees and set them at comfortable space like the distance between shoulders.
  3. Bow in frontwards direction and set  your palms cupped downward on the ground, direct below your shoulders and then slowly support and balance your body on four legs (two legs and two hands) like a cat.
  4. See front or look in forward direction, do not open your mouth.
  5. Breathe in a bit, raise your head and neck, and elongate and stretch your backbone as far as possible.
  6. Arouse your sight or gaze to the peak point as achievable by you. Do not create any  movement in your arms or legs.
  7. After stretching the backbone, deflect your backbone in upwards direction and try to get your head  between your hands. Breath out with force by your mouth.
  8. Closing your mouth tardily breathe in and get back to the backbone-stretching pose over again.
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