Pushan Mudra as a God of Nourishment

Pushan Mudra
Pushan Mudra

Introduction of Pushan Mudra

The Sanskrit meaning of Pushan stands for Nourishment and Mudra signifies hand gesture. Pushan Mudra is one and only the most significant mudra to maintain and keep the body nourished. This Mudra helps oneself with digestion and excretion . Besides that it assists with elimination by arousing the brain. It is stated to be devoted to God Surya. It is also called as the god of nourishmentIn this mudra both the hands have dissimilar gestures. In Pushan mudra, making of mudra with one hand stands for taking on or receiving and the motion of other hand intends to let go.

In easy language it can be said that Pushan mudra is the mudra for digestion as it helps in digestion of the food and as well in excreting the waste too. It influences the vitality flows which are responsible for assimilating and utilizing food, in addition to assisting with excretion. It heightens respiration and so the increase the absorption of oxygen and the discharge of carbon dioxide in the lungs. It can be expresses as an energy pump.

Benefits of Pushan Mudra

  • It is the mudra for digestion.
  • It regularizes vitalities in the autonomic nervous system.
  • It makes a relaxing result on the abdominal nerve plexus, the area of the stomach, liver, spleen, and gall-bladder.
  • It helps in circulating energies of excretion, and detoxications
  • Makes drastic consequence on common or intense sickness, naupathia, gas, and that sensation of voluminosity one experiences after meals
  • It arouses the functions of the brain
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Methods for Pushan Mudra

pushan mudra
pushan mudra

For the right hand

The tip of thumb, index finger and the middle finger are  touched with each other keeping the ring finger and small finger  extended outright

For the left hand

The tip of the thumb, middle finger and ring finger are touched with each other and the index finger and the little finger are extended outright.  Both the hands ought to be coordinated.

You can perform Pushan mudra four to five times a day.