Prithvi Mudra for hair, nail and skin.

Introduction: Prithvi Mudra

The meaning of the Sanskrit word “Prithvi” signifies ‘earth’. Right from the olden times earth is considered as mother. Motherhood earth cures every problems of human being. Earth is interpreted as the gestural of composure and coolness. The earth bears vast ability to console the torso elements. This mudra reestablishes the equilibrium of the earth element in your body. This mudra is generally called as Prithvi mudra, this mudra step-ups the Prithvi (earth) element within the body. Simultaneously, it step-down the Agni(fire) element. Therefore, it can also be called Agni-shaamak mudra. It may get rid of an energy shortage in the root chakra. The Prithivi Mudra can reconstruct your balance and confidence. This mudra likewise triggers off the root chakra, in which our natural forcefulness resides. We need constancy and alimentation to grow and be effective in the world and can be achieved through this mudra.

Benefits of Prithvi Mudra.

  • This mudra increments energy, and nurtures a good sense of innermost stable-ness and self-confidence.Prithvi Mudra
  • It may assist establish torso effectiveness.
  • The finger position of this mudra heightens the sense of smell and represents beneficial for the nails, skin, hair, and bones.
  • Body Balance can be achieved through this mudra.
  • This mudra is peculiarly advisable for persons who has deficiency of minerals and vitamins.
  • It helps oneself build up tolerance.
  • The practice of Prithvi mudra takes away the tiredness and energizes the exhausted organs of the body.
  • The torso starts to experience stimulated from internal.
  • The vitality of the torso is strengthen by nature and enthuses the intellect.
  • Narrowness and preconceptions are importantly brought down by the practice of this mudra.
  • It could be applied to treat the disorders likes Cronic tiredness, feebleness, recuperation, deficiency of staying power, paradoxical, weight-loss, emaciation, Fracture, paralysis, poliomyelitis, dry out,cracked, aflame ,age skin, breakable nails, Hair-loss, early greying of hair, burning off in eyes, stomach(acidity), anus, hands, feet, head, ulcers in the mouth, Jaundice, Fever.
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Methods for Prithvi Mudra.

Firstly spread out your fingers, then touch the tips of the thumb with the ring finger, using light pressure. Stretch out the other fingers. Use this mudra for three times a day for 15 minutes or once for 30-45 min.