Power of Self Talk

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What is power of Self Talk?

Self talk is a kind of talking that we do in your brain about our self. Frequently this power of self talk occurs so automatically that we are hardly well aware about it, it is our own “running commentary” on our life.

All the same, what we talk with our self have a boastful consequence on the way that we feel. Our self talk is like a interior coach, encouraging us, hiking up our self-confidence, make us believe in our self, and motivate us to achieve our goals, or it can be like an interior bully, weakening us, criticizing us and crushing up on us when we are  depressed. this act or recitation of talking to oneself, either loudly or mutely and mentally whether positive self-talk or negative is referred as self-talk.

Self-talk lets in all the meaningful and ergodic thinking that run through an individual’s mind. Positive power of Self talk can tell us what to do, where to focalise, and  how to achieve. Unluckily, self talk  often are   negative, demoralized, and hypercritical. Such inner talk unquestionably doesn’t help oneself in any kind of performance and, inward events, in all probability it spoil our performance. Remember  that negative self talk is natural to occur; the main point  is to not focus on the negatives and instead focus on the positives.

Power of Self Talk
             Power of Self Talk

Identify Negative and positive power of Self Talk

Negative internal talk is something we are not aware of, it appears to take place automatically. Therefore, it is essential to become aware of what is being said by us. It is obligatory to discover both healthful thoughts and harmful thoughts. When this is achieved it is all important to do a sensitive attempt to deliberately include those positive thoughts that appear to help oneself performance.

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Negative thoughts can make tenseness and tangles in the body whereas positive self-talk make us feel happy and confident. It’s actually easy to absorb in negative self-talk. “I’m unworthy.” “I’m stupid person.” “I will never become successful in life.” These negative thoughts are not profitable. Just think the opposite of negative thoughts into a positive one: “I’m beautiful,” “I’m smart,” and “I’m worthy, I’m a successful person.”

In add-on to re-framing negative self-talk, visualization and imagination is also a powerful instrument  to become more hopeful. More we are negative toward life , more it is challenging to switch to positive. Remember, it is a slow and constant process to change our mindset from negative self talk to positive self talk. Example,there is wall of black paint( negative self talk) and we decided to make it white(positive self talk).

If we paint just 1 coat/layer of white paint and says that it is white, is it white completely? No, others won,t believe it. If we constantly paint the wall then after 50 – 60 coat, we can see that the wall is completely white and now other won,t believe that it was black. Same way, we have filled our mind, heart and body with negative self talk, ideas and thought, just thinking for only 1 day in positive manner will not make great impact on us but if we practice it constantly then positive self talk will become our integral part of our-self.

The Inner Power within us.

Self talk are like power within us which increases our potential to extreme level we have ever thought. Just say”I,m best”, “I can do it”, “I have great self confidence” ,”I,m born to succeed”,”I never quit”,”I,m God,s best child”. Repeat this words and see magic in life. Whenever we feel disheartened, nervous or tensed , just mutter the words and feel the difference within us.

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Negative and positive self talk depend on us so it is better to promote positive self talk rather than negative. Enrich life with Positive Self-Talk.