Women Health
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Women Health

What is Women Health Wellness and nourishment are one of the most significant contributory factors for a happy family, especially…

Sun Salutation
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Suryanamaskar – The Sun Salutation

Introduction to Suryanamaskar –  The Sun Salutation The word Surya signifies sun. Namaskar represents the Hindu word for Namaste, altogether it…

Ardhachandra Asana– The Half Moon Pose
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Ardhachandra Asana – The Half Moon Pose

Introduction to Ardhachandra Asana The Ardhachandra Asana means half moon pose. The meaning of the Sanskrit word ardha denote “half,”…

Drink healthy juices
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Do’s & Don’ts of Pranayam

DO’s of Pranayam Make an habit of drinking warm water in the morning. After going toilet when you stomach is…

Calcium for kids
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What is the role of Calcium for kids ?

Importance of Calcium For Kids Calcium for kids is a fundamental building block for firm, strong and healthy bones. But…

Baddha-kona-Asana– The Restrained Angle Pose
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Baddha kona Asana – The Restrained Angle Pose

Introduction to Baddha kona Asana – The Restrained Angle Pose The Sanskrit word baddha signifies an attachment, bond, chain, arrested or…

Front View of the Asana
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Ardha Matsyendra Asana -The Half Spinal Twist Pose

Introduction to Ardha Matsyendra Asana -The Half Spinal Twist Pose The literal meaning of Ardha implies half. Many Siddhas/ masters who…

Chakra-asana- Wheel Posture
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Chakra Asana – Wheel Posture

Introduction to Chakra Asana Chakra,is derived from the root word chak i.e to move signifies wheel and thus this is…

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Yoga helps in peace of mind

Everybody around the globe prefer to be having a peace of mind,  free from all trouble, difficulty, worries etc. And…

Bala-asana – The Child Pose
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Bala Asana – The Child Pose

Introduction to Bala Asana The  true sanskritic meaning of the word “bala” implies Child. Hence it is known as Bala…

Garuda – Asana –The Eagle Pose
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Garuda Asana –The Eagle Pose

Introduction:  Garuda Asana – The Eagle Pose The meaning of Sanskrit word garuda stands for eagle. According to Hindu mythology…

Dhanura Asana / The Bow Pose
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Dhanura Asana / The Bow Pose

Introduction: Dhanura Asana – The Bow Pose The Sanskrit word dhanur signifies bow-shaped, arced or twisted. The bow referred here…