Nataraja Asana- The King of the Dance Pose

Nataraja Asana/The King of the Dance Pose
Nataraja Asana/The King of the Dance Pose

Introduction: Nataraja Asana- The King of the Dance Pose

The meaning of the sanskrit word nata stands for dancer and raja signifies king. Nataraja is also refer to Shiva, who is the Lord, master, creator and almighty of the dance as well as a cosmic dancer. It is said that when Lord Shiva become happy or sad or angry, he used to dance. His dancing represents cosmic energy in its “five actions:” origination, maintenance, and devastation or resorption of the world.
It is pronounced as  nah-tah-raj-ah-sa-na.

Benefits of Nataraja Asana/The King of the Dance Pose

There is not 1 but many benefits of Natarasana.This asana improves your body balance, develops the power of concentration level, hip muscles and leg muscles are strengthens and toned up,  stretches and elongate your shoulders ,thorax, thigh, stomach, groins, provide strengthness to knees, ankle, legs, maximising the respiring capability of the lungs by opening up the lungs and chest, ejects the tenseness in the ankle joint in addition to  foot,  establishes internal as well as external firmness and steadiness. It infuses a mental arise and unfolds the heart. So it acts actively on intellect, physical structure and soul also, vertebral joints are stretched out thus they may execute advantageously.
Though this asana has innumerable benefits but still some precaution are to be taken like if you have high or low blood pressure then this asana is not recommended. Beside blood pressure, if there is knee injury, lower back injury, shoulder capsule injury then also do not perform this asana as per your health concern.

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Steps for  Nataraja Asana/ The King of the Dance Pose

1. Stand up and remain firm with the feet unitedly and the arms by your sides like in Tada -Asana- The Mountain Pose

Nataraja Asana/The King of the Dance Pose
Nataraja Asana/The King of the Dance Pose

2. Breathe in and bow the right leg in backward direction, try to  hold the right foot of right leg  with your right hand as at the same time stretching the left arm straight out in fronward direction.
3. Keep on raising the left arm upwardly till it is approximately 45 degrees from the floor.
4.Try to lift your right leg with the right hand  as high as achievable .
5.  Control the pose while respiring softly through the nostrils.
6. Hold your stare frozen slenderly above the horizon.
7. Stay on in the nataraja-asana for almost one minute and then comeback easily to a standing posture of  Tada -Asana- The Mountain Pose
8.Repeat the asana for left leg by reversing directions 2-4.


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