Know The 9 Facts About Yin Yoga Before Performing At Home.

Yin Yoga

What is Yin Yoga?

“Yin yoga” is a very gentle yoga, passive, probably that one imagines to be “yoga”, when we do not know very well what it is. It is an indeed very soft yoga. The practice focuses on the connective tissues such as ligaments, bones, joints or cartilage. The important thing is not muscle building or development of endurance, like many other yoga styles. It  requires no or little muscle engagement. It’s an ideal practice in addition to dynamic activities, such as martial art, Vinyasa yoga or athletics. This type of Yoga offers a softer, slower approach than other forms of yoga traditionally taught in the West rather than more intense physical activities. Yin yoga helps to work in depth the entire body without focus efforts on the muscles.

It is very introspective practice in energy, which is very similar to meditation and postures which have a support function to ask the mind. This passive form of yoga is gentle, slow and really helps relieve pressure “mental” and physical tension. It’s over the competition, effort, sweat: you loose on regular yoga class. Some muscles relax deeply, while others work in depth.

The benefits of yin yoga.

  1. Improves overall body flexibility.
  2. Improves the health of joints, bones and toning bodies.
  3. Strengthens connective tissues.
  4. Amplifies the range of movement of joints.
  5. Release tension mounted in the tissues.
  6. Maintains the flexibility of the spine.
  7. Improves postural alignment.
  8. Prevents and relieves back pain.
  9. Provides a powerful energy, both physical and mental.

    Yin Yoga Benefits
    Yin Yoga

Characteristics of Yin Yoga.

It is the most gentle style of yoga that focuses on stretching, to relax the body thoroughly and freely circulate energy throughout the body. As such, the practice of Yin Yoga allows:

  • Proved beneficial for the health of joints, bones and toning bodies.
  • Generally, it  amplifies the range of movement of joint and improve severe back pain and further injury.
  • It is good to know in Yin Yoga, the connective tissues are used to support other body tissues and consists of fibers and cells of various aspects.
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Yin yoga practice: relaxation and concentration.

To practice Yin Yoga, we must remain calm and move as little as possible. The idea is to hold the postures a long time, because the connective tissues of the body respond better to a gentle tension applied to long term. If you are able to hold the posture for  long period of time then you can access to be quiet, to find a new level of concentration,  learn to make a vacuum and  learn  let go as well as promote relaxation.

Good to know : butterfly, dragonfly, laying the child, half-lace, lace, the plow, the bell, the Sphinx, seal, the dragon or the camel poses are practiced in names Yin yoga.

Yin yoga consists of:

  • Stretching of long duration.
  • Combinations of slow, deep breaths.
  • Postures that must be held for several minutes.

This type of yoga can work the entire body and mind.
However, it must respect some rules in order to use this form of yoga to his advantage

Know  your limits.

  • You have to be totally quiet, do not move.
  • try to hold as long as possible.

The best time to do yin yoga

  • Whenever you are tired.
  • When one does not want to move.
  • You are looking to relax deeply.
  • It is very much  similar to restorative yoga (see article on this) but the difference is that in the restorative, there is absolutely no muscle involvement.
  • It helps to relax and stretch.

The worst time to make yin yoga

  • When we want to move vigorously.
  • If you want to be physically active.
  • When you are  too concerned,  you have 1000 things in mind  to do. Then this is not the proper time for  yoga. Because in a course of yin yoga, you should  find yourself  almost not moving for over an hour, You must be constantly being “face to yourself.”
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What Yin yoga offered at Yoga Fitness

Yin yoga sessions offered at Yoga Fitness are performed in a temperate environment at 25 degrees to preserve the benefits of heat. The postures in Yin Yoga are held between 2 and 5 minutes. It hold a session of  duration of  total of 60 to 75 minutes which are accessible to all.

It is a meditative practice that promotes slowness and balance. During the session, you are welcome to leave your body marinate in the pose, to listen to your body and respect your limits. If you are looking to develop your flexibility, to be healthy and not to work in a spirit of competition, Yin yoga is for you. The purpose of the meeting is to calm the body, mind and breath. Slow start for better is our second secret!

Yin yoga taught at the center focuses on breathing, meditation and sensations. At a meeting of Yin yoga, it is important to stay calm, breathe deeply and remain motionless. You are invited to let gravity do its work and to fully appreciate the benefits of each pose. Remember that your breathing is quiet and peaceful, you will be too!