Increase Confidence by Ahamkara Mudra

Ahamkara Mudra.

Introduction: Ahamkara Mudra

The meaning of the Sanskrit term Ahamkara Mudra is associated with the ego and egoism – i.e., the recognition or adherence of one’s ego. Akamkara in Sanskrit also signifies “I-maker”. It is the self confidence of individual. The third chakra (The Solar Plexus Chakra) which is placed an inch or 2 above the navel point, symbolizes the interior ability and individual potency.  This Chakra makes up the center aim for our might and wish. Opening of the Solar Plexus chakra, balanced the person and make him arise for themselves and will not tolerate any insult from other people. Our sensation of ability, self and confidence, as well as self-command and discipline are concentrated in this Chakra. It is also titled Power Chakra or Manipura.

Benefits of Ahamkara Mudra

  • It boosts up Self-confidence and self-assertion.
  • It helps in neutralizing fearfulness and timidity and introversion
  • It may be practiced once you’re feeling low-confident or awful.
  • It is beneficial for children who are missing self confidence & fearing about studies.
  • It helps to eliminate negative energies from the body and develop positive attitude.
  • There is times when aspect of the egotism is essential and this mudra helps oneself to fortify our self-importance though aiding us to show it appropriately.

Methods of Ahamkara Mudra

Ahamkara Mudra
Ahamkara Mudra

Curve forefingers somewhat and place the top phalanx of the thumb to the side of the center phalanx of the forefinger at the superior part, such that it make the shape of the ring. Keep other fingers unbent.


Hold arms & backbone straight. Your hands may balance on second joint; breathe out much more than breathing in. It may be exercised both by sitting down or lying down concentrate that you are free from the bond of fears through every exhalation. You can perform this for at least 10-15 mins and dynamic more.