How Vriksha Asana increase concentration ?


Introduction: Vriksha  Asana – The Tree Pose

The meaning of the Sanskrit word vriksha implies tree, therefore this asana is called as the Tree Posture, Vriksha Asana. It is proniunced as vrik-shah-sa-na.

This is called Vriksha asaan because you are standing erect,unbend and straight  on your  left leg, bending  the right leg, place your  right foot on the  left thigh. Standing  hence like a tree on the ground.

Benefits of  Vriksha  Asana – The Tree Pose

  • We cannot balance properly or poor balance is due to lack of concentration,  unbalanced attention. and restless mind. The most challenging part of the vriksha Asana is maintaining balance of your entire body  on one leg. Day-after-day recitation of this pose will surely  help you a lot to focus your mind and  increase your concentration power .
  • This Asana is beneficial for sharp attention and alertness along with body balance. It also cultivate concentration.
  • Whenever you  practice  this  Asana,  imagine a characterization of a tree in the mind and continue with the steps .
  • Daily practice of the vriksha asana improves absorption power, balance and coordination.
  • As the weight of the total physical structure is equilibrized on one and only foot, the muscular tissue of that leg are reinforced and strengthened as well.
    Carry on the vriksha asana as long as your comfortable to do it without any problem. Repeat it 2 or 3 times for  leg.


Vriksha Asana


Steps for Vriksha-Asana -The Tree Pose

  1. Stand straight keeping both the feet unitedly and holding the arms by your sides.
  2. Bending your right leg from the knee onward, raise your right leg  and get the sole of the right foot , try to touch the left thigh as high as possible.
  3. While equilibrising and balancing on the left foot, bring up both your arms all over your head such that your elbows are upright and then slowly join the palms altogether. Control the position as respiring softly by your  nostrils for nearly ten accomplished breathing time.
  4.  Slowly bring down both the arms and also the right leg and come back to the tada asana i.e standing pose with feet unitedly and arms at the sides.  Take a break /pause for  a couple of seconds and  then reiterate on the inverse leg.
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