How Uttanapadasana got its name?

Uttanapadasana - Raised Legs Pose.
Uttanapadasana - Raised Legs Pose.

Introduction: Uttanapadasana – Raised Legs Pose.

The meaning of the sanskrit words uttana stands for  “intense stretch” or “straight” or “stretched” or “Raised” and pada  signifying “leg” or “foot” and asana standing for “posture” or “seat”. Thus this asana is named as Uttanapadasana, Uttanpadasana, Utthanpadasana, Uttana Padasana or Raised Legs Pose

Benefits of  Uttanapadasana – Raised Legs Pose

    • This asana stretched out and tone the  thigh muscles and stomach muscle.
    • As the asana exert acute strain on the  interior organs like small intestines,  it helps in increasing  the capacity of glands which produce enzymes .
    • The vertical position of the legs help improve the blood circulation.
    • Uttanpadasana reduces the level of fats accumulated in the stomach and also  tones up the waist, hips, backbone and spinal cord.
    • It forbids and remedies herniation(hernia) too.
    • This asana (pose) is really advantageous for those who are tolerating  diabetes, constipation, stomach upset and nervous weakness.
    • This asana  rectifies the pancreatic dysfunction.
    • It exercises entire muscles in the abdominal part, both internal and externally, hence removing a lot of disorderliness’s.
    • It also tones up the medulla spinals and rectifies disorderliness’s of the backbone.
    • It’s likewise arrogated to be cooperative for weight loss/obesity and slimming down

Precaution of Uttanapadasana – Raised Legs Pose

You should keep off moving your legs with speed. People suffering from muscle overstretch and lumbar fraternities, High Blood Pressure should avoid this pose. Those having  lower backbone pain should  better exercise this Pose very cautiously, you can use your hands to support your legs but don’t bend your knees.
Don’t practice this pose for more than 5 times a day.

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Steps for Uttanapadasana – Raised Legs PoseUttanapadasana - Raised Legs Pose

1. Firstly lie down in Shavasana holding legs altogether and keep your  hands along the side of your body such that your palms should  face toward the floor.
2. Slowly begin arousing or raising  your legs and adjust your legs at about  30 degrees off the floor, keep normal and average deep respiration.
3. Keeping your right leg up at same 30 degree, move your left foot in downward direction  slowly, until the left heel comes tin contact with the floor.
4. Now raise  your left foot in upward direction until it joins your right foot at 30 degrees.
5. Repeat the process by keeping your left leg at 30 degree and right foot starts moving  downward until the right heel touches the floor.
6. Relax for a while and then begin arousing your right foot until it gets together with your left foot, knees should be straight, toes out elongated and easily and slowly  get both the feet down until both the heels touch the floor.