Gyan Mudra For Knowledge

Gyan Mudra
Gyan Mudra

Introduction: Gyan Mudra

Gyan Mudra is retraced from the Sanskrit word “Gyan” or “Jnana”.

The meaning of the Sanskrit word “Gyan” stands for knowledge or cognition and “mudra” means gesture. This implies that Gyan mudra is the gesture of knowledge. It  is one of the most unremarkable, commonly and general  hand gesture which is mostly acknowledged in all yogistic speculation practice session. It symbolizes the beginning phase, home or place. It is also known to be as Dhyan Mudra. It carries you rearward to your bases and origin, or simply just brightens your intellectual mental faculty. It is associated with knowledgeable Wisdom of Solomon. Many figures or pictures and idols of Lord Buddha, Mahavir and many great saints are much portray in Gyan mudra.

Normally the forefinger i.e the index finger and thumb are used in this mudra. As reported in palm reading, Index finger corresponds to Planet Jupiter and Jupiter symbolizes knowledge and elaboration. The thumb finger stands for the element Fire ( Agni Tatva ) and it  is the symbolic representation of sacred  and divine energy whereas the index finger acts as the element Wind ( Vayu Tatva ) and the index finger ( Vayu ) represents the egotism. By rehearsing this mudra, the ego of the practician is provoked by the Almighty energy, which determines the subconscious mind intellect modeling.

Benefits of Gyan Mudra.

Gyan Mudra is the most significant of all mudras. The advantage of Gyan Mudra are countless but few features of Gyan Mudra are as follow:

  • It encourages wisdom, wiseness, remembering power and also boost up intelligence and I.Q level.

    gyan mudra
    Gyan Mudra
  • This mudra is beneficial for tenseness and strains. It is great effective in case of  insomnia, mental unstableness, indecision, unreasonable angriness, indolence, laziness.
  • It may help oneself to remedies wakefulness. Usually Meditation and deep respiration are practiced in this posture. This mudra is good for head ache, migraines, depressive disorder,  hysterical neurosis etc.
  • It likewise heals toxic condition and addictive habits.
  • It helps oneself to remedy mentality associated troubles. Various cases of mental disturbance are foreclosed and recovered by uniform practice session of this mudra.
  • It is really efficacious in children to command their fits, high-risk behavior and stubbornness. It is good in cases of  bestowing felicity, the intellectual development and memory is heightened.
  • Day-to-day practice of gyan mudra fortifies the nerve system.  It makes pure the intellect of the practitioner and imparts soundness.
  • The instantaneous consequence of this mudra is the feeling of easy relaxation behavior of mind. This mudra increments the blood circulation in the brain, which promotes oxygen supply to the brain cells. This assists to meliorate receptiveness of the brain.

Method for Gyan Mudra.

Slowly link up or join  the tips of the index finger (fore-finger) with the  thumb and hold back the other 3 fingers stretched out, be sure that other 3 finger should be  joined with each other.

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