Gomukha Asana -The Cow Face Pose

Gomukha Asana -The Cow Face Pose

Introduction: Gomukha Asana-The Cow Face Pose

The meaning of sanskrit word Go signifies Cow and mukh stand for Face hence this asana is known as Gomukha Asana. It is generally pronounced as go-moo-khah-sa-na.

The benefits of Gomukha Asana -The Cow Face Pose

  • Gomukha Asana increases stretch abilities of arms, belly, upper back, thorax and the sides of the chest.
  • It arouses kundalini shakti which moves into the mouth of sushm.
  • It energize blood circulation making the body dynamic and active.
  • This asana gives you peaceful mind.
  • It cures rheumatoid arthritis, stomach problem, constipation, piles etc.
  • It is beneficial for losing fat on arm, belly and thighs.
  • Tone up the muscle of stomach, arms.
  • Relieve from neck pain, stiffness of shoulder, wrist.
  • Give strength to hand, wrist, fingers.

Steps for Gomukha Aasana – The Cow face Pose

Gomukha Asana -The Cow Face Pose
      Gomukha Asana-The Cow Face Pose

1. Sit down on the floor keeping both your feet stretched out in forward direction.
2. While bending your left leg ,place your left foot alongside the right buttock.
3. Put your right leg on top of your bent left leg, making sure that your right leg ankle is kept/placed beside the left buttock.
4. Placing the knees one on top of the other, allow your buttock to balance on the floor firmly.Stretch out your left arm slowly and bring it behind the back.
5. The back of the left hand palm should remain in the midst of the shoulder bone.
6. Right away bring your right arm upward and bow it from the elbow joint and get it behind the head.

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7. The palm of the right hand should touch the back of the head such that your right elbow remain erect , directing toward the ceiling.

8. Keep your head ,spine and neck straight.

9. Remain in this pose for few sec and then repeat the Goumukha Asana for next leg in similar pattern.



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