Golden Tips of Yoga

Best Time for Asana

tips of asanaSome of the best tips of yoga that can be  follow during your yoga practice.  You can practiced asana in morning as well as in evening. If it’s not possible for you to do asana in both the time then early morning is the most beneficial and best  time to perform Asanas as your mind rest in peace, stay calm and most important that nearly  all the people are thoroughly in deep sleep at this time, the paranormal space of the integrative awareness is not active with their mentations. Execute asana in empty stomach after going to your toilet  room. whenever you wish to practice asana in evening time then remember that there should at least 5 -6 hours gap between lunch and asana.  If you are suffering from constipation then  try to drink water kept in Copper or Silver utensil early in the morning then walk for a while, this tip may help you a lot to solve the problem of constipation.

Best Place for Asana

Neat & clean, peaceful and lonely places are the best for asana. Practicing asana in open space like in greeny garden or near river or under a tree in short close to nature is most preferable place for asana as there is sufficient supply of oxygen in this places which is good for your health. You  can perform asana in your home also, choose the place which is properly ventilated, clean and peaceful.

The Dress-code tips for Asana

There is no hard & fast rules of dress code for asana but while practicing asana little awareness about the type of dress you wear during asana time  is necessary. Do not wear any kind of heavy or long length dress. Wear a comfortable outfit in which you can do asana easily and smoothly. Wear dress of short length so that your cloth do not  troubles you. Men can wear T-shirt and shorts whereas women can wear salvar or T-shirt, comfortable pant. Mos importantly dress well in clothes  such that your cloth do not hinder your asana pose.

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Tips of Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat for yoga

Always use a mat for practicing asana. Don’t perform asana on bare land. The primary function of the mat is to render softening to the practitioner on a tough floor, it offers adhesive friction to your  hands and feet, keeping yourself safe from slipping while practicing your yoga poses hence prefer to use mat for asana. Choose the type of mat according to your capacity, you may use smooth mat or short blanket(kambel),cotton mat . The mat ought be soft and light to carry, select the mat which has a absorbent properties of absorbing sweat at the time of asana, it should be non slippery and safe.