Garuda Asana –The Eagle Pose

Garuda – Asana –The Eagle Pose
Garuda – Asana –The Eagle Pose

Introduction:  Garuda Asana – The Eagle Pose

The meaning of Sanskrit word garuda stands for eagle. According to Hindu mythology Garuda represents, the king of birds. He is vahan or mode of transports of the God Vishnu.
Its Pronunciation is ga-roo-dah-sa-na.

Benefits of Garuda Asana – The Eagle Pose

The health benefits of Garuda-asana are numerous.

  • It will tone up and strengthen your legs, knee joint and ankle joint.
  • Garuda Aasana elongates and tones up the muscles of the leg and may aid in relieving different cramps of the legs.
  • You can perform this asana as long as you are comforted. For early attempts you can do it 20-30 seconds and then gradually increase the time step by step as you get more comfy. Iterate two or three times with each leg.

Steps for Garuda Asana –The Eagle Pose

Garuda – Asana –The Eagle Pose
Garuda Asana –The Eagle Pose

1. Lie down directly flat on your back in the shava-asana  (corpse pose).

2. Stand up on your feet, keeping the feet altogether and the arms by your sides

3. Drag the left foot up, bowing the knee and wrap up the left foot round your right leg as you balance the back of your left thigh on your right thigh.

4. Crossing your left arms at the elbows lover right.

5. Keeping the fingers pointed upward join the palms of your hands together.

6. Breathe in and control the position for the length of the breathed in breathing time.

7. Breathe out and comeback to the Tada -Asana- The Mountain Pose

8. Iterate the pose for the opposite side by enfolding the right leg over the left leg and the right arm over left arm.

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