Ekapada Asana – One Legged Pose

Ekapada-Asana-One Legged Pose
Ekapada-Asana-One Legged Pose

Introduction: Ekapada Asana – One Legged Pose

The meaning of the Sanskrit word eka stands for one and pada stands for foot. Hence it is more commonly known as Ekapada Asana or one-legged pose. It is Pronounced as eka-pod-ah-sa-na.

 Benefits of Ekapada Asana -One Legged Pose

The most important requirement of this asana is to create or become aware of your body/mind as a whole. The Ekapada Asana not only tone up and give strengthness to your leg muscles but also in addition to improves your sense of balance and helps oneself to focalize your concentration. When you exercise this position try to focus and concentrate it on full body-awareness, turning your attention departed from misdirection of the mind. Constant attempt in the Ekpada Asana will help to boost up your concentration level. The regular practitioner will be able cultivate an inner stability. The ekpada asana likewise gives way strength to the hips and lower back.

You can hold on this posture for a minimum of thirty seconds and can extend up to several minutes as per your comfort level.iterate at least double on both the foot. Once you are able to stay on in the ekpada easily and effortlessly for at least thirty seconds without fluctuation or dropping off balance, try doing it with your eyes closed. This version would make the pose quite a difficult but at same time it increases the benefits.

Steps for Ekapada Asana -One Legged Pose

1. Stand keeping your feet together and the arms by your sides

2. Concentrate the eyes direct in front on a spot middle between waist and eye level and stay on focused there through-out this asana. (Standing about 5 feet of a wall would be cooperative).

3. Breathe in and broaden the arms at once in forward, along the floor with thumbs touching.

4. Breathe out and arouse the right knee joint deflecting the leg at a ninety degree angle, suspend or hold for a second and then widen the leg straight out in front directing the toes in forward direction.

5. Hold on for a minute then swing the leg in backward direction whilst bowing forward at the waist.

6. Breath tardily by the nostrils making sure that the arms, body and legs are parallel with the floor.

Ekapada Asana - One Legged Pose
Ekapada Asana -One Legged Pose

7. Pause the posture for leastwise 30 seconds then come back easily to a standing position.

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