Easy Dental Care Tips At Home You Must Know!

Dental care tips at home

Healthy teeth for a lifetime is  the wish for most of the people. But whether this wish will come true, depends on many factors: Who maintains his teeth regularly and thoroughly, has a good chance to keep them well into old age, therefore dental care tips at home becomes compulsory. But the dental care has its pitfalls: Two-thirds of Germans brush too short, too unfocused or too tight. How do you do it better reveals in this article. Brushing teeth is something quite ordinary. When brushing the teeth, however, it is not important to clean the teeth, but it is very important to carefully and systematically clean the teeth. So here are some dental care tips at home.

1.Manual or electric toothbrush.

More and more dentists recommend their patients to switch to an electric toothbrush. Electrical brush remove significantly more plaque than conventional brushes. But even more important than the type of toothbrush used is the brushing technique. Anyone who thoroughly cleans his teeth more than two minutes with a manual toothbrush twice a day, can also achieve good results.
The brush shape plays a role: The bristles should be close together and be as rounded to protect the gum.  you should change your toothbrush every two months.

Dental care tips at home
Dental care tips at home

2.Floss & mouthwash.

Bacteria colonize especially between the teeth in order to be safe from the toothbrush. So they live  there and eventually cause dental disease, it is recommended to use dental floss as one of the best dental care tips at home. Take 30 to 50 centimeters floss, wrap both ends around your index or middle finger and let a distance of about three to five centimeters in order to clean the inter-dental spaces. Move the floss between the teeth and down without touching the gums, and use for each tooth a fresh piece of floss.

3.Tooth-friendly diet

Sugar damages the teeth. Chocolate, sweets and cream cakes are a godsend for bacteria. All sweet and over tasty treat can have negative consequences: citrus, kiwis and pineapple grab the enamel on. Fiber-rich foods such as vegetables and whole grain bread are better for the teeth. Who have an habit of frequent eating must take a break , it is important so that the saliva has enough time to neutralize acids and decompose food scraps.

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4.Teeth have four sides  – or not?

If the teeth are all in full order, you might think they have only a front and a back, however, since all teeth have at least four sides and the jaw teeth five, for even when they are close together and seem to lean against one another is a tooth side. Each tooth therefore has a front (cheek or lip), a back (tongue-side) and a side to the right and left (contact surfaces to the neighboring teeth) and a cheek also the occlusal surface: a small landscape of hills and bumps Less narrow valleys and gorges (fissures).

It is important that you clean your teeth all around. There is a wide range of different aids like  toothbrush and toothpaste for the cleaning of the tooth surfaces on the front and back (as well as chewing surface) and dental floss or tooth intermediate brushes for cleaning the right and left side of the tooth, ie the inter-dental spaces.

Professional dental care tips at home

So that your teeth generally remain beautifully clean and healthy, it is better to grab toothbrush and floss twice a day. However, since dental flossing is not very good for the cheek teeth, use an inter-dental brush for these areas. If you do this every day, you can prevent the development of tooth decay.

Dental Care Tips At Home 1 – If you can not use dental floss and inter-dental brush, mouthwash solutions are a good alternative as dental care tips at home . Thorough and regular rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash solution is finally still better than nothing to use.

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Dental Care Tips At Home 2 – Use the beard brush:
Dentists remove plaque usually with ultrasound equipment. This vibrates at a frequency above 20 kHz and removes the tooth plaque from the surface by the vibration on contact. According to the same principle, sound toothbrushes work. The quick vibrations remove more plaque than with a normal hand toothbrush. In addition, the teeth are naturally lightened, since superficial discolorations are removed during cleaning. Provided, of course, you clean properly. Here, therefore, useful advice is brush with an electric toothbrush .

Dental Care Tips At Home 3 – Clean the tongue once a day:
It is also important to clean the tongue once a day. Many people think that this is only humbug, but now it is known that on the tongue deposits and accumulate large number of bacteria . Even bad odour or breath from your mouth is not beca use of teeth but it is due to tongue.If these are not removed, they settle on the teeth and damage them. Clean your tongue once a day with a special tongue cleaner. The normal toothbrush is sufficient for cleaning in the emergency but use .tongue cleaner.

Dental Care Tips At Home 4 – Remove the self-cleaning stone:
Mouth odor arises from billions of bacteria, which among other things are also responsible for the formation of calculus. As a rule, the dentist will remove this once a year. In some people, however, dental calculus is formed so quickly that a professional cleaning of the teeth is advisable at the dentist.
There are basically two ways to use this remedy: either use the spray to remove the calculus and spray it regularly in the morning and in the evening three or four times, or you give regular gels in the morning and in the evening and distribute it. After two to six weeks, the tartar has disappeared. The mouth odor disappears after only a few days.

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Dental Care Tips At Home 5 – Polishing the teeth:
The coffee, tea, red wine and nicotine are the poison for the teeth, we all know, because with regular consumption they leave their marks on the teeth. With a toothpaste that contains small micro-pearls, you can wait a long time for a visible result. .

healthy and white teeth
Healthy and White teeth


What is the purpose of professional care?

Even if you take care of your teeth so well, you never reach all corners. The toothbrush fails because of bottlenecks, further back in the mouth, in the interstices and on the gingival margin. With a normal brush, you clean 60 percent of the tooth surfaces. The electrical is slightly better in the direction of interstices. Nevertheless, they remain unpaved. And exactly there are food residues and saliva components, from which plaque (plaque) forms. Harmful bacteria  attack teeth and can lead to tooth decay or periodontal disease. A professional dental cleaning can be soft as hard deposits, ie tartar  are remove thoroughly. The risk of tooth diseases is thus clearly reduced. Crowns and bridges can also last for decades if you are regularly cleaning the teeth. Provided you follow  the dental care tips at home thoroughly.

How often is a tooth cleaning recommended?

Dentists recommend twice a year to professional cleaning. This period has proved itself  to effectively prevent dental problems. After all, rubbers and tartar build up anew. According to expert, two appointments per year is very useful and recommendable. Four times a year, however, is considered exaggerated, for example, there should be a special reason . If you have a perfect dentition and no sore throat, you may also have longer periods of time. Clarify this with your dentist.