Do’s & Don’ts of Pranayam

Drink healthy juices
Drink healthy juices

DO’s of Pranayam

Make an habit of drinking warm water in the morning. After going toilet when you stomach is empty before breakfast.

Greet your elders in morning you will get blessings from your mother and others which will help you to be successful in your every life-stage.

Practice yoga or Pranayam for at least 25-30 minutes. Deep breathing for 5 minutes and Kapalbhati for 10 minutes and Anulom vilom for 10 minutes and your health problem will disappear one by one upto 90% in some patients 100%.

Drink healthy juices
Drink healthy juices

Eat Green Vegetables.

Drink fresh Juices ( loki, Palak, Gehu Ka Jawara)

Eat Garlic (Chatni) with dinner or lunch because Garlic is cheap Blood Purifier, Antioxidant, Anti-toxic, Anti-cancer & which Protects cells against damage caused by free radicals which are easily found in our environmental pollutants including heavy metals & have been used to shrink hemorrhoids.

Use organic soaps, shampoos & tooth pastes.

DON’Ts of Pranayam

1. Don’t drink soft drinks like coke, Pepsi or any other carbonated water. Research suggests that those people who drink a lot of soft drinks increases risk of  becoming fat, weak-boned, cavity-prone, cancer-prone & above all use common sense we breathe out the carbon dioxide(which toxic and body through it out with every breathe out). Our body is constantly working to get rid of carbon dioxide and with soft drink or carbonated drinks you are putting carbon dioxide back in your body. Because of liquid form it goes in your blood stream making all kind problems. A pregnant woman puts the health of her child on risk by drinking pop drinks, Children may born with physical disabilities if too much of pop drinks are consumed.

Say "NO" to addiction
Say “NO” to addiction

2. Don’t eat fast, junk and  oily food as it has lots of bad things hidden which are bad for your body. Mostly this food has toxins as it not made fresh even if they pretend to make it fresh it is all freezes and microwaved. Which makes the food toxic.

3. Don’t disrespect your elder specially your mother ever, you owe her your life. You are reading this article because she kept you in her womb for 9 months.

4. Don’t watch porn as it can destroy your whole life. Whatever you see it is not just images All the porn you watch will be stored in your memory in chemical form forever. And can spoil your ability to choose between right and wrong. By watching porn you will become more restless and will be more frustrated in your life. Porn put seed, which is self destruction in your mind and after watching porn you may end up having sex with anyone available which can put you on risk of contracting life threatening disease.

5. Don’t cheat on your partner be honest to your partner.

6. Don’t be jealous from other success it will make you restless inside.

7. Don’t take the things for granted & Be thankful to GOD and pray to GOD before starting work, GOD has given you more than what you deserve, after all the bad things you have done in your life.

8. Always stay away from any types of drugs/cigarettes/alcohol or any kind of known bad thing. These things can destroy your family life and career.

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9. Don’t disrespect poor people. Apart from you having more money than a poor person. A poor person is as important human being as you. A poor person has same desires as you have. A poor person deserves as much respect as you expect from others. A poor person is powerless but you don’t misuse your power. Beware there is GOD who is more powerful than you and your money will be useless in front of GOD.

10. Don’t trust too much on your friends. Friends should NOT be more important than your family. Friends can cheat and deceive you when you trust them too much.

Pranayam is pure form of practice which will not only help you but also others to become a good and better person in family, society, profession etc.

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