Does Ardha Kumasana Pose cure Insomnia?

Ardha Kumasana - Half Tortoise Pose
Ardha Kumasana - Half Tortoise Pose

Introduction: Ardha Kumasana – Half Tortoise Pose

The meaning of the sanskrit word Ardha means “half”, Kurma imply “turtle” or “tortoise”, and Asana stands for “posture” or “Pose”. Ardha Kumasana pose is intended to imitate the manner a tortoise is and hence it is titled as Half Tortoise Pose. There are many benefits which are linked up with this pose, which gets in absolute favorite over the world. The Half Tortoise Pose is considered to help oneself  not only the body, but also the intellect and spirit.

The Half Tortoise Pose is a somewhat comfortable posture even for the beginners. This asana could turn up to be really advantageous to your body in all imaginable manner. Your body can be restored by executing this asana on a regular basis and in good order. It is pronounced as ard-ha-koohr-MAH-sah-nah.

Benefits of Ardha Kumasana – Half Tortoise Pose

The organs go stretched out to its supreme level on all movement of this asana.

Ardha Kumasana-Half Tortoise Pose
Ardha Kumasana – Half Tortoise Pose
  • Allow greatest liberalisation to the torso.
  • The abdominal muscle becomes strengthened and turn more flexible.
  • Meliorates the blood circulation and air to the brain.
  • The asana elongates the lower portion of the lungs which is beneficial for your respiration.
  • Troubles associated upset stomach, constipation and gas are reduce by this asana.
  • Increases the capacity of  lung and proves to be all important in troubles like asthma.
  • Step-ups pelvic girdle flexibleness.
  • Sleeping problems can be solved by this asana. It is a good remedy for insomnia.
  • Ardha Kurmasana stretches out the backbone and remedies any type of backache or spine troubles.
  • Checks blood sugar levels and diabetes.
  • Owed to the degree of blood circulation, heart remains healthy and alright.
  • Toning up establishes great shape to your body and also keeps you confident and healthy.
  • It likewise tones the thigh muscular tissue ascribable the position in which the asana is done.
  • It is a benefit in camouflage, as it cures many ailments.
  • Half Tortoise Pose can actually help us to live longer

Steps for Ardha Kumasana – Half Tortoise Pose

  1. Sit-down comfortably on your knees.
  2. Leaning your body in forward direction, fold up at the waistline; every bit you bow be sure that your bottom is close to your ankles.
  3. Let your frontal bone to lean on the Yoga mat and stretch out your arms out ahead of you, such that your palms is touching the floor.
  4. Set up your hands unitedly in order that the sides of your hands are leaning against or resting on the floor.
  5. Try to stretch out your arms as very much like you can do, at the least until you experience the feeling of stretch in your shoulder joint and on the backbone of your arms.
  6. See to it that you arrest this posture for at any rate 30 seconds as you respire profoundly.


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