Do you know Simhasana is an anti-ageing yoga?

Simhasana - The Lion Pose
Simhasana - The Lion Pose

Introduction: Simhasana – The Lion Pose

The meaning of the sanskrit word simha virtually signifies “the powerful (brawny, potent) one” it is the word for “lion.”(The king of beasts) thus is called the lion posture, and one executing this asana  can be supposed to resemble a roaring lion about to attack. The most beneficial time to exercise this posture is on morning facing up in the eastern direction.

The general pronunciation of ths asana is as sin-gha-sa-na.

Benefits of Simhasana – The Lion Pose 

There are many benefits of Simhasana related to face.

  • Simhasana or lion pose is one of the most effective asana for  face exercises.
  • Simhasana offers workout to the facial muscular tissue, consequently  it preserves the brilliancy of the facial skin.
  • It is likewise beneficial for the eyes in bringing down strain and stimulate the nerves.
  • It helps oneself to get rid of tenseness from thorax and contraceptive diaphragm.
  • This asana is good for your face, jaw, pharynx, tongue and mouth. t causes the larynx, windpipe and entire bronchitis work actively.
  • This asana is very helpful for sore throat problem. Lion Pose solves the troubles of jaw tightness, teeth crunching.
  • People suffering neck pain  or backache acquire profit from this asana.
  • It  is really advantageous for the people unhappy from bumbling (stammering).
  • This asana demands the stretching out of the tongue because you’re needed to copy the roaring lion. It may take away your wrinkles and could be expressed as an anti-ageing yogasana.
  • Thyroid gland secretory organ are  energized through this posture.
  • It is likewise useful for the people suffering from badly breath.
  • It help to vocal  cord  and improves your  voice quality.
  • Helps to cure health problem like bronchial asthma and hidden out coughing also strengthens lungs.
  • This pose is really efficacious for growing concentration level , remembering power self-possession and self control ability. This pose helps to relieve the diseases of nose, throat, eyes, ears and mouth.
    It helps the muscular tissue your face to reestablished the  charm of your face  makes more beaming than of all time.
  • It gets your face a glowing aura by executing this asana regularly. The stretching out and pulling in of your facial muscle arouses the nerves and bring about  a reinvigorated look within you.
  • The asana helps your eyes to be  lustrous and shiny. Several diseases related to face, tongue, vocal cords backbone and anus can be cured by it.
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Steps for  Simhasana – The Lion Pose

Simhasana – The Lion Pose

1. Sit down on your knees such that your the heels of your feet are compressed against the buttocks and the calves of the legs are fixed flat on the floor.

2. Put the base of your palm on the top of the knees,keeps your arms straight and backbone unbent, your head should be straight i.e not slanted forward, backward, to the left or the right.

3. Breathe in as you are inclined in forward slenderly, stretch out your mouth the jaws as broad as achievable, put out your tongue and make it downward as far as possible, try to fix your gaze either at the tip of the nose or between the eyebrows.

4.  Stretch out your  fingers outright from the knees.

5. Control the pose for the length of the breathed in breath and then breathe out slowly and relax while forward stretch, release the force from your the fingers and close your mouth and eyes.