Chakra Asana – Wheel Posture

Chakra-asana- Wheel Posture

Introduction to Chakra Asana

Chakra,is derived from the root word chak i.e to move signifies wheel and thus this is known as Wheel Posture. It is also referred as the urdhva-dhanurasana. The meaning of Urdhva implies aroused, raised or erect and dhanur symbolize for bow. Both “wheel posture (Chakra asana)” and “raised bow posture (urdhva-dhanurasana)” briefly describe the appearance of this asana.

It is generally pronounced as chu-krah-sa-na.

Benefits of Chakra Asana – Wheel Posture

Most importantly this asan provide you durability and suppleness to repairs your spine. It not only fortifies/strengthen your arms, shoulder joint and upper back but also energizes/stimulate your circulatory system. The Chakra-Asana gives an total refreshing outcome to your entire body system, because of the suppleness of the backbone that is fixed after a time period of exercise you are able to perform the perfect form of this asana and therefore feel better benefits.

First of all make sure that your arms are as upright as possible with no curve in the elbows. Once you are able to hold the asana easily and comfortably, start respiring by the nostrils, although while holding back the pose and attempting to aim a bigger curve in the vertebral column by getting your hands Nearer to your feet and/or getting your feet nearer to your hands. At last, you will be able to extend the length of duration of the chakra-asana by exercising many repetitions in succession without taking any kind of rest in-between.When you get back from the position hold back the hands behind the shoulder joint* and the fillets of sole of the feet fixed on the floor,no sooner the backbone gets back to floor at once raise it and get into the entire posture once again.

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No other yoga postures are as challenging as the chakra-asana so do not be demoralized whenever you’re unable to execute it at once. Yet trying this pose without any kind of productive completion still means a lot for great benefits.

Steps for Chakra Asana – Wheel Posture

1. Lie down flat on your back in the Shava–Asana – The Corpse Pose

2. While breathing out fold the knees and get the feet as closely to the buttocks as viable with the fillets of sole of the feet directly flat on the floor.

Chakra Asana - Wheel Posture
Chakra Asana- Wheel Posture

3. Fold the arms at the elbow joint and aim the palms of the hands fixed on the floor right away under both shoulder with the fingers directing towards the backbone.

4. While breathing in tardily, start to raise the head, backbone and buttocks away the floor as curving the spine. Carry on to press force in downward direction on the hands and feet whilst bringing up the hips and abdomen as high as possible.

5. Control it for the duration of the carried breathed in breathing time. If you are not able to  arrest the breathing time at ease anymore, tardily and slowly breathe out and get back the backbone to the base, slide the legs out erect coming back to the Shava–Asana – The Corpse Pose