Yoga in Office.
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Can Yoga in Office beneficial?

Exercising yoga in office may be entertaining, innovational and restful with numerous long-run profits. Office yoga is must now a…

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Really Marjariasana -The Cat Pose increase height?

Introduction: Marjariasana – The Cat Pose The meaning of the sanskrit word “Marjari” signifies ‘cat’ and “asana” means ‘Pose. Hence…

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Is Abhayaprada Mudra provoke fearlessness?

Introduction: Abhayaprada Mudra The Sanskrit meaning of the Abhayaprada Mudra implies “No Fear“. It is a protective, caring and loving-ness…

Arthritic joint pain
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How yoga helps in Arthritis ? Yoga for Arthritis

What is Arthritis? The word arthritis derives from the Greek word “arthron” signifying “joint” and the word “itis” standing for…

Cure for back pain
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Cure Back Pain Quick With Yoga

What is Back Pain? Back pain is one among the commonest complaints in both men and women. Back pain is…

Care of Spinal Cord
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Ensuring Optimum Care of Spinal Cord

Care of  Spinal Cord Care of Spinal Cord is very important for your Body. The spinal-cord is liable for transmitting…

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Yoga For Glowing And Beautiful Skin

There are five sensory organs in our body; skin is one of the five sensory organs. Skin reflects the internal…

Birth Contol
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Are Hormonal Methods the Best in Birth Control?

Available in the market currently are over 20 types of birth control including condoms, IUD’s, and hormonal pills. Some are…

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How to combat insomnia?

Insomnia Numerous persons around the globe expertise miserable days for the reason that they  suffer from lack of sleep. In…

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Yoga for Obesity

Yoga for Obesity Everyone in the world wishes to look smart, beautiful/handsome and most important “SLIM”, Fit and fine. But…

Power of Yoga
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Introduction to Yoga

Yoga is a primordial put into practice of stretching the body’s muscles while deepening the mind’s correlation with the soul….

Women Health
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Women Health

What is Women Health Wellness and nourishment are one of the most significant contributory factors for a happy family, especially…