Yoga Tips

Sleep Secret: Food for good sleep

Power of Self Talk

What is power of Self Talk? Self talk is a kind of talking that we do in your brain about our self. Frequently this power of self talk occurs so automatically that we are hardly well aware about it, it is our own “running commentary” on our life. All the…

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Golden Tips of Yoga

Tips of Yoga-Best Time for Asana You can practiced asana in morning as well as in evening. If it’s not possible for you to do asana in both the time then early morning is the most beneficial and best  time to perform Asanas as your mind rest in peace, stay…

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No age limit for Yoga

Tips for Yoga, Asana and Age for Yoga

Age for Asana The main intention of Yoga and Asana is to get control over your restless mind and soul. Asana is practiced to increase your concentration level and develop inner happiness and peace but at the same time it is very essential to be aware about your age, physical…

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