Bhuddi Mudra

Bhudi Mudra
Bhudi Mudra

Introduction of Bhuddi Mudra

Bhudi Mudra,commonly known as Mudra of Fluid. Budhi Mudra is also pronounced as  BHUDDI / BHUDY / BHUDDY / BUDDHI.

  • The little finger is associated with the sacrum and has the element of water. The little finger is like the fag end of the hand bringing gracility and movement to your gestures. More than half of our body weight consists of fluids(water), so it is very important to preserve and  rejuvenate the level of water in the body. The Bhuddi Mudra facilitates to restore or maintain balance in the fluid level in the body. Bhuddi Mudra or Fluid Mudra is efficient against pyelitis

    Benefits of Bhuddi Mudra

    The Benefits of Bhudi Mudra are as follow.

    1.Bhuddi Mudra helps oneself to connect with your innermost feelings.
    2.improves belief, spirit, touch sensation,  feeling and intuition.
    3.helps in sustain and maintain the liquid or fluid balance in the body. When the tip of pinky finger (Mercury) touches tip of thumb, it helps in clear and intuitive communication.
    4. promotes and boost up the flow of blood and bodily fluids in the body.
    5.  may be practiced to help oneself to solve the problem of dry mouth and dry eyes.
    6. Bhuddi Mudra also tone up and strengthen the kidney and encourage the bladder to function properly.
    7. may likewise improve the sense of taste.
    8. Might yet help oneself  to get the booty shaking.

     Bhuddi Mudra

                       Bhuddi Mudra

    Methods for Bhuddi Mudra

    Place or join  the tip of your thumb and pinky(lit/tle finger) together, make sure that all the other fingers(Index, middle, and ring fingers ) are extended upright and straight in a at ease and relaxed way. Practise the mudra with each hand. You can practice Bhudy Mudra for three times a day for 15 minutes as a course of treatment.

    Use as needed up to 3 times a day for 15 minutes.

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