Best Fertility Yoga A Natural Approach To Conception

Fertility Yoga for women

What is the Best Fertility Yoga For Women

Many questions arise in mind of women like can yoga boost fertility?. Does fertility yoga help?. Can yoga help fertility?. Can yoga improve fertility?. Does fertility yoga work?. Does yoga increase fertility? etc. But the only answer to all these questions is simple.”Yes”, it may vary for different women as all individual are unique and special. It may take time but the result is definite. Let’s check out the best fertility yoga for women.

The necessity to become a mother is natural instinct feeling in most women. But what if this most basic biological functionality becomes a battle?.

Fertility Yoga for women
Fertility Yoga for women

For many females, getting pregnant does not take a large amount of effort. But if you happen to drop on the wrong side of the statistics, you may experience probably the most heartbreaking conditions – infertility. The inability to become pregnant may leave a woman depressed and also hopeless.

Relax! Fertility Yoga Is the Solution

Whether you are just starting out on the journey of trying to get pregnant or if you have already wandered the path of infertility, one solution you can try is Fertility yoga exercises.

There are countless ways of yoga and yoga poses that a person can perform. Every yoga pose helps to not just strengthen your body and mind but can guide you to regain balance in your body too. Not only a physical balance but an overall stability between all of your body’s features, including your reproductive system. This individual fact of the matter is, yoga has its other benefits besides versatility and toning, including enhancing fertility. Female Fertility Yoga is a great method to help you prepare for pregnancy and get pregnant.

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It uses easy fertility yoga exercise poses that help to foster, support and strengthen the actual endocrine and reproductive program. Your endocrine system is necessary for proper hormonal balance, therefore using best yoga asanas for fertility, it promote healthy endocrine function that supports the particular reproductive system as well.

Why is Fertility Yoga in Demand?

Fertility yoga at home to conceive faster is, a form of yoga in which the glands and reproductive organs are stimulated in the body. This is to stimulate hormone production. Best fertility yoga poses for women combines elements from Kundalini yoga and classical Hatha yoga, in conjunction with Tibetan healing methods. Daily fertility yoga involves some 20 exercises. The body system is activated, there are dynamic sequences of movements in which the internal organs are to be massaged.

Fertility Yoga A Natural Approach To Conception
Fertility Yoga A Natural Approach To Conception

Fertility Yoga breaks the Devil’s Circle

However, even if both partners have a biologic view of all the prerequisites for offspring, it does not mean that women have to get pregnant immediately. Even those who know their fertile days will not be able to increase their chances of becoming pregnant. The problem usually starts after four or five unsuccessful months of trying.

Origin Of Fertility Yoga in World.

The origin of Yoga specially for women to conceive is normally known as “fertility yoga”, developed by the Brazilian Dinah Rodrigues, which originally dealt with the problems of women in menopause. Some Yoga teachers, for example, Sharada Devi, who teaches at the Yoga circle in Berlin, easily changed these sequences to support women who want to get pregnant: special energetic yoga exercises stimulate the hormonal balance, bring it into balance. Hormone-releasing glands are stimulated and the chakras, which are particularly important for conception, are stimulated and activated.

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However, the desire for children does not only work on a physical but also on a psychological level. With targeted meditations, one prepares oneself mentally for the conception.

Prevention of hormone yoga

In order to influence the hormone system and thus to prevent disturbances such as menopausal symptoms or even cycle disorders, Fertility yoga should be practiced regularly at least three times a week. A longer period (at least four months of regular exercise) must be carried out until the effects are felt.

The mode of action of Fertility yoga

The “inventor” of the hormone or fertility yoga, Dinah Rodriguez, conducted a study on the efficacy of hormonal yoga together with a gynecological clinic in Brazil in 2001. 116 women who regularly exercises fertility yoga were scientifically investigated.

After an average of four months of practice on three days a week, symptoms that were caused by an unstable hormone level improved and even partially disappeared.

The scientific evidence is controversial among experts and yogis.  Since every form of yoga has a relaxing effect, there is a demonstrable reduction in stress levels, which has an effect on blood pressure and well-being and has a positive effect on the hormonal balance.

Women trying to get the pregnant report that, after some period of regular exercise, their cycle and their period have improved a lot, and increased fertility has also been reported.

Women trying to get the pregnant report that, after some period of regular exercise, their cycle and their period have improved a lot, and increased fertility has also been reported.

Exercises from the hormone yoga

10 best Fertility Yoga
10 best Fertility Yoga

We will introduce you to some exercises from the Fertility yoga, which you can practice easily at home. If you would like to exercise regularly, you should definitely consider visiting a course on fertility yoga. Many yoga studios offer this in the meantime.


You can easily practice Fertility Yoga at home in your own comfort area and time. Be regular and consistent. There is so many yoga poses in fertility yoga, here is few selected best fertility yoga for you. CLICK HERE to introduce yourself to worthy fertility yoga.

 For whom is Fertility yoga suitable?

  • Already mother
  • Women with menopausal complaints
  • Suffering from hormonal problems
  • Women with low libido

Contraindications of Fertility Yoga and Women

Since hormonal or fertility yoga has an influence on the hormone production in the body, it can not be used in various diseases and in certain phases of life. It is not suitable for:

  • Hormone-dependent breast cancer
  • Large fibroids
  • high blood pressure
  • Thyroid hyperfunction
  • Unclear pain, especially abdominal pain
  • In pregnancy and in the first three months thereafter
  • After a total operation (removal of uterus and ovaries)
  • Hereditary diseases
  • Endometriosis
  • Severe osteoporosis
  • After any kind of surgery

However, other yoga forms, such as classical Hatha yoga, can also be performed. If you are unsure whether you can practice hormone yoga, talk to your doctor about it.