Bala Asana – The Child Pose

Bala-asana – The Child Pose

Introduction to Bala Asana

The  true sanskritic meaning of the word “bala” implies Child. Hence it is known as Bala Asana. It is pronounced as ba-lah-sa-na.

Benefits of Bala Asana–The Child Pose

The bala-asana is one and only the most restful and relaxing Yoga positions and that can be easily executed and performed by beginners. It is finest used as a counterpoise to any kind of posture that stretch the spine, backward The bala-asana lightly elongates and relaxes your shoulder joint*, cervix, back muscles and thighs. The bala-asana can be performed as long as you are comfortable. you make repeat it at least double whenever it is carried for less than a 60 sec

Steps for Bala Asana – The Child Pose

Bala Asana–The Child Pose
Bala Asana–The Child Pose

1. Sit down actively on your knees with your feet put together and rest your buttocks on your heels. Separate your knees approximately the breadth of your hips. Set your hands on your thighs, palms facing down in the Vajra–Asana–The Thunderbolt Pose

2. Breathe in profoundly, and then breathe out as you get your thorax/chest between your knees while swaying your arms in forward direction.

3. Balance your forehead on the base, if doable, then get your arms close to your sides till the hands resting on either position of your feet, palms facing upward.

4. Breath softly by your nostrils while holding the posture. Hold the posture for approximately one to two minutes. And then come back to asan erect with kneeling posture with your backbone unbent and your put your hands on your thighs.

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5. Reduplicate the posture leastwise one more time.