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Are Hormonal Methods the Best in Birth Control?

Available in the market currently are over 20 types of birth control including condoms, IUD’s, and hormonal pills. Some are so uncomplicated to apply while others may need the help of a doctor. Yet, even with this broad range of choices, women still have a tough time deciding which one is best for them. The Mirena birth control lawsuits and sexually transmitted diseases are issues on the subject that has made it even more difficult.

Option of birth control

Not one method is deemed best for anyone. The circumstances and the need of the woman would dictate in her choice of method. Both wife and husband should make the decision in these cases. In general, the criteria would cover effectiveness of the method, the cost involve, physical attributes of the woman or man in some cases, purpose of the birth control, potential side effects, and the convenience desired.

Birth Control
       Birth Control

One does not relish the idea of an unwanted pregnancy after supposedly taking precautionary measures therefore effectiveness should be a major consideration. According to the book Contraceptive Technology, the most effective methods are those using hormones which have a pregnancy rate of less than one percent. Included under this category might be the hormonal implant, combined pill and the hormone shot. Also having less than one percent pregnancy rates are the copper IUD and the surgical procedures of vasectomy for men and tubular ligation for women.

Those that may be considered as risky would be the cervical cap and the vaginal sponge. The cervical cap would seem more effective for those who have not experienced child birth (nine percent) than those who have had children (26 percent). The vaginal sponge has a pregnancy rate of nine percent for those who had previous birth experience and 20 percent for those with children.

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It might be argued that if the hormonal methods are the most effective, the pills and IUD’s should be the best option. It might not be necessarily the best since you might be susceptible to its side effects or you do not want to gain weight or experience other discomforts. All factors must be considered in choosing the right birth control method.

Finding it very uncomfortable if they insert devices in their bodies, IUD’s and other implants may be ruled out. Putting priority on the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, other may settle for condoms. A vasectomy or a tubular ligation may be the best choice if both spouses have decided that they will not have any children. A woman would rather go for something more permanent such as an IUD if she finds it inconvenient or expensive taking a pill on a regular basis. Contraceptives may be against their religious beliefs that there alternative would be the natural or the rhythm method.

Indeed, choosing a birth control method is not an easy decision to make.  To be taken into consideration are a lot of factors. The person concerned should carefully examine her goals, needs and preferences as well as that of her family and prefer proper birth control option for health and family.

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