Anjanaya Asana – The Salutation Pose

Anjanaya Asana – The Salutation Pose

Introduction to Anjanaya Asana

The Meaning of the Sanskrit word anjaneya is “salutation or praise”. The root word anj means to respect, to celebrate, to smear. Anjanaya Asana is good for all ages. It is pronounced as Ahn-jah-nay-ah-sa-na.

Benefits of Anjanaya Asana

The Anjanaya Asana is a combination or merges of many poses and mudras (gestures) in a flowing manner, that Merges motion, wide-spreading or stretching and holds. Anjanaya Asana is very beneficial in term of backbone, arms, thorax, legs and pelvic girdle or hip.

Daily exercise of Anjanaya Asana would build up your concentration power to a great extent and improve your body balance. Keeping in mind a sense of worship and praise, Anjanaya Asana should be performed. Relax your body and take your time to dwell in silence and calm, when your hands are held at the Mudra or the gesture of salutation (anjali-mudra). keep the feeling of admire in mind as you stretch your arms in skyward direction. Get the feeling of body-mind-heart all extending in appreciation of the holiness of life.

Anjanaya Asana should be performed at least twice a day for both the leg for better result.

Steps for Anjanaya Asana –The Salutation Pose

Anjanaya-Asana– The Salutation Pose
Anjanaya-Asana– The Salutation Pose

1. Sit down in the Vajra–Asana–The Thunderbolt Pose

2. Kneeling on your knees until your backbone, buttocks and thighs are in straight position

3. Try to Stretch your left foot forward bowing your left stifle/knee at almost a ninety degree angle.

4. Put your palms of the hands joint altogether at the heart in the anjali-mudra.

5. Arouse your arms straight upwards, holding the palms unitedly whilst bowing your head Back-ward and looking ahead.

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6. Slowly and steadily turn backward stretching out your arms in backward direction and then straightening out the right leg. Maintain this position for as durable as easy while respiring softly through the nostrils.

7. Getting back to the original ASANA i.e Vajra–Asana–The Thunderbolt Pose reverse the pose by Switching to another leg.