Anantasana : Vishnu’s Couch Pose

Anantasana Vishnu’s Couch Pose
Anantasana Vishnu’s Couch Pose

Introduction: Anantasana : Vishnu’s Couch Pose

The Sanskrit meaning of the word ananta stand forwithout end” or “endless” or “the infinite one”, and Asana signifying “posture” or “seat”. Anantasana is also known as Vishnu’s Couch Pose or Sleeping Vishnu Pose, Eternal One’s Pose, or Side-Reclining Leg Lift. Sleeping Vishnu Pose or Anantasana is a leant back balancing yoga pose that stretches out the pelvic girdle and hamstring tendon. This posture is occasionally known as “Side-Reclining Leg Lift.”.

As per an old Hindu fable which was about the origin of the universe, it is said that Lord Vishnu slept whilst a lotus flower blossomed out from his navel. From that same lotus flower was Brahma born, who is also known as the Hindu god of creation. The raised leg in Anantasana represents the Brahma-bearing lotus stem that rose from Vishnu’s navel. Ananta is likewise the identity devoted to the mythological serpent which the god Vishnu leans back upon like a couch.

The pronunciation of Anantasana is as ah-nahn-TAHS-uh-nuh

Benefits of Anantasana : Vishnu’s Couch Pose

Anantasana Vishnu’s Couch Pose
              Anantasana Vishnu’s Couch Pose
  • This pose can be advantageous to people trying out to modify the habit of sleeping on only one side of their body.
  • Anantasana/Vishnu’s Couch Pose cures the back-ache problem.
  • Anantasana/Vishnu’s Couch Pose  prevents growing of a hernia
  • This asana strengthens the pelvic muscles
  • The Anantasana /Vishnu’s Couch Pose(the sleeping Vishnu Pose) may meliorate blood circulation of the body.
  • Anantasana /Vishnu’s Couch Pose improves  balancing of the body, pelvis, hip & leg adductor muscle
  • Anantasana / Vishnu’s Couch Pose strengthens the belly, increases hip mobility, and may help oneself bring down low backbone pain.
  • This pose meliorates counterbalance and coordination, as likewise growing bigger focus and concentration. Carrying equilibrium in this posture demands a calmness and clean mind. Adopting this power may help oneself to bring down tension, anxiousness, and intellectual tiredness.
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 Steps for the Anantasana : Vishnu’s Couch Pose

  1. Lie down straight on the floor on your back; keep your legs stretched out, in line with your body and hands by your side.
  2. Slowly turn to your left and bend your left hand at the elbow.
  3. Place your elbow on the ground (as support).
  4. Arouse your head and hold it with the support of your left palm.
  5. Put your right hand in front of the chest.
  6. Respire commonly without any caution.
  7. Fold up your right leg at the knee and locate the toes your right foot on the upper left leg’s thigh.
  8. Make sure that the right leg should be straight so that the knee is aiming up.
  9. Hold or catch the big toe of the right leg with your right hand.
  10. Respiration should be normal, carry this pose for approximately a minute
  11. Loose the right leg and tardily come back to passive position.
  12. Repeat the pose with the other side.

Durations/Repetitions of the Anantasana: Vishnu’s Couch Pose

For the first time, carry the asana for 10 to 15 seconds while breathing normally. Step by step increments the time equal to 1 minute. Reiterate twice on both sides.

 Cautions/Precaution of Anantasana: Vishnu’s Couch Pose

Don’t practice this posture whenever you’re presently feeling headaches or diarrhoea. People suffering from shoulder joint, neck, or wrist injuries ought to change or modify the pose as required to avoid further pain or accidents. All of the time exercise within your own array of boundaries and powers. Whenever you’ve whatsoever medical checkup refers, talk with your doctor prior to exercising yoga.

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