Is Abhayaprada Mudra provoke fearlessness?

Abhayaprada Mudra

Introduction: Abhayaprada Mudra

The Sanskrit meaning of the Abhayaprada Mudra implies “No Fear“. It is a protective, caring and loving-ness hand gesture. Stands for strength, effectiveness, potency or comprising fearless. ABHAYA Mudra is also known as the Gesture of bravery and giving protection. It is named as Abhaya or Abhayadana.

The Abhaya is fearlessness or bravery gesture. Which is one among the most unremarkable portrayed or depicted mudras. This not only symbolizes benevolence but also represent absence of fearfulness. The Abhayaprada Mudra or gesture bestows the feeling of freedom from the slavery of fear, therefore this mudra may likewise be represented to signify “fear not”.

A Buddhist fable recites that when the real Gautama Buddha was being attacked by an furious wild and angry elephant. He only held up his hand in the fearlessness gesture or Abhayaprada Mudra and easily calmed down the tempestuous and raging animal.

It  means Fear Not and motion of bravery and the yielding of protection. This mudra is stated to be the gesture of Shaka Nyorai (Historical Gautama Buddha) instantly after accomplishing enlightenment.

Abhayaprada Mudra
Abhayaprada Mudra

Benefits of Abhayaprada Mudra:

    • Attainment of fearlessness.
    • Increase confidence.
    • Sense of Protection.

The most important benefits of Abhaya or Abhayadana or Abhayaprada mudra is the attainment of fearless state of mind. This mudra helps oneself to come out from the clutches of frightfulness.

Steps for Abhayaprada Mudra:

  • Open the right hand palm.
  • Be relaxed.
  • Bring the palm of right hand up to the shoulder height level.
  • Bend the arm
  • put the palm out word facing.
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