18 Reasons Why You Should Fall In Love With Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga accessible to all.

Hot yoga is for everyone, whether you are sporty or not and you already started yoga or not. The technique was created by the Indian Bikram Choudhry. Arriving in Los Angeles, he found a new way to practice yoga and different asanas, investing in a number of positions, made in rooms with thermometers marking 40 ° C (the same as a summer day in Calcutta). In the beginning, there is a slight feeling of breathlessness. But as the class progresses, the words written on the wall above the mirror will make sense: faith, self-control, determination, concentration, patience. These are the five aspects of the mind worked in practice.

Better still, hot yoga is a favorite alternative if you want to get fit, lose weight, improve your athletic performance, eliminate stress or acquire more healthy lifestyles. The beauty of hot yoga is that you can always go at your pace and respect your limits.

Benefits of hot yoga
Hot Yoga

Principles and benefits of hot yoga

  1. One of the advantages of hot yoga is that you clean your body through perspiration and keeps the advantages of activity, such as greater flexibility, concentration, strengthening muscles and realigning posture.
  2.   Stretches and tones muscles
  3.   Drains tension
  4.   Improves posture and alignment of the spine
  5.   Stimulates the lubrication of ligaments and tendons
  6.  Provides a real massage internal organs
  7.   Relieves several problems back pain
  8.   Evacuate fatigue, stress and anxiety
  9.   Helps alleviate insomnia, depression, headaches and migraines.
  10.   Eliminates toxins
  11.   Provides better blood circulation and the oxygen
  12.   Relieves many physical stress due to office work
  13.   Help to lose weight
  14.   Improves athletic performance
  15.   to keep the body fit and slow the aging process
  16.   Gives energy
  17.   increases the ability to concentrate
  18.   Relaxes the entire body and mind
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Hot Yoga: Why the heat?

Practicing yoga in a 40 degree heated environment has many benefits. The heat warms and relaxes the muscles, allowing the body a deep stretching and decreased risk of muscle injury. In addition, the heat stimulates blood circulation and elimination of toxins.
Looking significant energy expenditure? Yoga done in the heat causes significant cardiovascular work, allowing to burn as many or more calories than other strenuous activity.

Hot Yoga: Tips hydration and recovery

  • Sweating is a natural defense of the body to maintain core body temperature at 37 ° C. It is therefore quite normal and want to sweat in a hot yoga session. To overcome the loss of water and minerals occurring during a session, it is important to drink plenty of water before a hot yoga session. It is also advisable to avoid eating within three hours of a session. If you’re too hungry, it is best to choose a fruit.
  • Do not hesitate to drink water during the session. In addition, it is essential to re hydrate after the course, either by drinking water containing electrolytes in sufficient quantities, either by getting a re-hydration drink at the bar in the center of the juice.
  • As after any athletic endeavor, you will need carbs once the session is over. Re-hydration drinks available at the juice bar will help you replenish your energy and recover well.

Conclusion about Hot Yoga

Those who regularly practice claim that hot yoga offers great benefits, detoxification is the one we usually put forward: a good sweat would eliminate toxic substances from the body. The heat also has the advantage of facilitating the movements, which then are deeper and less dangerous. Hot Yoga is a good warm up for the muscles. According to Isabel Lambert, Director of Tula Yoga Spa Toronto, exercise in a warm room has the effect of raising the heart rate, forcing the body to work harder .

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This is for people who want an intense exercise, and want to develop their strength, flexibility, muscle tone while doing cardiovascular. The heat adds it relaxes the body, improves breathing (which is beneficial for people with asthma or similar conditions) and promotes concentration.

But do the exercises at high temperature makes it more complex. That’s why care must be taken:

– Pregnant women, children under 12 and people with blood pressure problems should not do hot yoga ;
– Hydration is mandatory.
– Talk to the teacher if you have any injury. The classes usually have a single level, but the skill and frequency of each student make there is a customization;
– Consult your doctor before starting hot yoga . He is the ideal person to know whether or not you should practice the activity.