10 Best Home Remedies For Back Pain Treatment.

Garlic Oil for back pain

Back Pain Treatment

Back pain can be categorized as acute pain and chronic pain. Acute pain may be due to excessive movement, or the use of the back which may cause damage to the ligaments, muscles, tendons and bones. Whereas chronic pain is a recurring back pain. Some of the most common causes of back pain can be strains, muscle tension, poor posture habits, microtrauma, slip discs, disc prolepses, arthritis, tuberculosis, obesity, osteoporosis, bone tumors, lifting heavy weights and nutritional deficiencies. Pregnancy may also cause back pain as a result of the stress and anatomical changes in the body. Therefore back pain treatment becomes must instead of suffering from it.

Home Remedies For Back Pain Treatment

There are several home remedies for back pain, which is simple to use and are effective when tried at home. Some of the popular home remedies for back pain treatment are

Vitamin C

Vitamins C Rich Food For back pain
Vitamins C Rich Food For back pain

One of the simplest home remedies for back pain treatment is to eat foods that are rich in vitamin C. Add such food to your diet. Tomatoes, strawberries, citrus fruits, lemon, Acerola cherry and blueberries are rich sources of vitamin C. There is potency of ascorbic acid on muscle and back pain.

Vitamin C might be impressive for several reasons.  The most attention-getting is in the development of collagen which is the base of the extra-cellular inter-cellular substance, the gum that allows cells to form tissues. This extra-cellular matrix is depending on enough vitamin C for its correct formation. This is especially reliable for tendons, ligaments, inter-vertebral disk  and other tissues capable of doing mechanically skillful stress. Sufficient Vitamin C will create more virtuous muscle tissues in the first place and as well assist in their healing when they are impaired.  The harm from physical exercise too develops toxic waste materials.  Vitamin C might help in the extinguishing  these harmful materials and likewise might assist in their excretion due to C’s diuretic properties.

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Garlic Oil for back pain
Garlic Oil for back pain

It is also one of the effective home remedies for back pain treatment. All you need to do is to eat 2-3 cloves of garlic per day. You can also try using garlic oil to cure back pain. Garlic oil may be made by heating 60 ml of oil, and then baking ten garlic cloves therein. Now strain the oil and let it cool a bit. Massaging the back with this warm garlic oil you relief.

Garlic is a natural home remedy that was initially used as a time-honored Chinese practice of medicine for over of 200 years.This natural garlic oil is the effective home remedy as back pain treatment that will help oneself to relief the pain. It will likewise preserve your joint’s health and keep them in  good condition.

Garlic oil because of  its selenium mineral, may be helpful in supervising joints, back and arthritis pain. One of the chemical compound noticed in garlic is called thiacremonone.
This compound helps suppress inflammatory reactions in your body, creating it a possibly effective factor for curing inflammatory as well as arthritic diseases.

Use the garlic oil for massage onto the painful areas like  lower backbone, arm/leg joints. Cover up the affected area and massaged area with plastic bag and en-wrap it with any material to keep the affected area warm. You’ll discover betterment in the first couple of days.

Garlic oil also meliorates circulation in the irritating joints, which betters their function. This therapy of garlic oil massage should last for minimum 2 months. It is advisable to perform this back pain treatment in the evening so that the  garlic oil can work throughout the nighttime. Wash your affected part in the morning.

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 Avoid Certain Food

Avoid Fast Food For Back Pain
Avoid Fast Food For Back Pain

Often people ask”What is the best food for anti inflammatory?”. Just avoid too spicy and processed food items. Excess of fast and processed foods, saturated fats are bad for the joints as well as overall health. All of these food act as a  fuel for the  inflammation. This includes white bread, Maggie or pasta, rice, sugary soft drinks and snacks or chips, fried foods. Try to  keep one’s hands off from caffeine and alcoholic beverage too.

Food items such as flax and chia seeds and mostly plant based diet are plausibly the best way to avoid inflammation, particularly when taken with the combination with omega-3-rich fish like salmon, mackerel, sardines, herring, black cod, tuna fish.

Profoundly dark-coloured fruits and veggies are a important part of an anti-inflammatory diet.  You should consume carrots, beetroot, sweet potatoes, cherries,  lemon ,berries, grapes, oranges, red wine, pomegranate, and watermelon. Not only veggies but Herbs and spices such as  sweet basil, cinnamon, ginger, rosemary, garlic, onions, oregano, and turmeric are too helpful as anti-inflammatory factors. Likewise, drink healthy herbal tea and green tea which shown to cut down inflammation in cartilage in the vertebral column, which helps oneself to curb back pain and clumsiness.

Additional nutrient choices for an anti-pain diet include avocados, different types of nuts, proteins. Other means to keep back pain at away  is to be sure you are getting sufficiency nutrients, such as calcium and vitamin D.


Yoga for back pain treatment
Yoga for back pain treatment

Doing yoga on a daily basis is very helpful in treating chronic back pain. It is the most suggestible home remedies for back pain treatment. Yoga for back pain treatment is very effective remedy. It may not give you instant result. But be patience and practice yoga as a home remedies for upper back pain.You can try yoga postures as halasana, shavasana, Bhujangasana, uttanpadasana and Shalabhasana.

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Basil tea

Basil Tea for back pain
Basil Tea for back pain

It can also be very useful as a back pain treatment. All you have to do is boil a cup of water with ten basil leaves. Let it cook is left up to half of the original content. Now let cool, add a quarter teaspoon of salt. Make it a daily routine to drink this tea once in a day.


Take a lemon and cut it into two halves. Now squeeze the juice into a glass with water and add some salt to. Drink this juice twice daily. It is literally the easy back pain treatment.

Hot Water Bag.

Hot Water bag for back pain
Hot Water bag for back pain

You can also try using hot water bottle or infrared lamp to provide heat at the back. This will provide relief from back pain.

Special tea

 Mix five black peppercorns and one gram of dry ginger powder to your regular tea and consumed twice a day. This is one of the effective back pain treatment at home.

Sweet Water.

 Are you too looking for How to cure back pain fast at home. Here is the solution.Take some warm water and add a tablespoon of glucose or honey. Drink it empty stomach in the morning. Drink natural remedies for back pain.

Mint oil

Mint oil for back pain treatment
Mint oil for back pain treatment

It is also very effective in curing back pain. Only give a light massage to your back using mint oil. Or you can even use turpentine oil to massage your back. This help as one of the home remedies for back pain treatment. It is one the Indian home remedies for lower back pain.

The above home remedies for back pain are safe and easy to use and can be very effective if used correctly.Do follow few easy home remedies which you can try without any major difficulty.