Yoga Mudra

Pran Mudra.

How to perform Prana Mudra?

Introduction: Pran Mudra The meaning of the Sanskrit word "Prana" means "Life". This Mudra is called as Pran Mudra or Prana Mudra. It's uncomplicated to do and also very effective. The Pran Mudra sparks off...
Gyan Mudra

Gyan Mudra For Knowledge

Introduction: Gyan Mudra Gyan Mudra is retraced from the Sanskrit word "Gyan" or "Jnana". The meaning of the Sanskrit word "Gyan" stands for knowledge or cognition and "mudra" means gesture. This implies that Gyan mudra is...
Linga Mudra

Linga Mudra

Introduction : Linga MudraLinga Mudra is proudly called as the Mudra of Heat and Energy. The term "Linga" is the Sanskrit word for genus Phallus i.e the male genital organ. Linga mudra help to...
Vishnu Mudra

Vishnu Mudra – An Alternate Nostril Breathing.

Introduction Vishnu Mudra Certain pranayama methods call for respiration by one nostril at one time, with the other nostril gently held closed. Traditionally, one shuts down the nostrils using an extraordinary hand position known as...
Surya Mudra

Does surya mudra help with weight loss?

Introduction:-Surya Mudra The Sanskrit meaning of  "Surya" means 'sun'. Sun is the only origin and source of energy. This mudra is also known as SURYA or RAVI MUDRA. This mudra renders and supplies energy. Surya...
shunya Mudra

Shunya Mudra Cure Numbness?

Introduction: Shunya Mudra The meaning of the Sanskrit Shunya is the intention of `zero` or `sky' and Mudra means Hand gesture thus Shunya Mudra is the mudra of Sky. Sky is linked up with the...
Varun Mudra

Varun Mudra

Introduction:- Varun MudraThe Sankrit meaning of the word "Varun" means  "water”. This mudra is also known as Mudra of Water, this mudra step-ups the Jal i.e water component within the body. This mudra helps...
Hakini Mudra

How Hakini Mudra Powers Your Mind?

Hakini Mudra - Power Your Mind The Sanskrit meaning of Hakini is Dominion, power or Rule. It is known as the power of mind or Mudra for mind. The Hakini Mudra OR Murdra for mind...
Anjali Mudra

How Anjali Mudra connect you to God?

Introduction to Anjali Mudra The Sanskrit meaning of Anjali means “to offer” or “to salutate” and Mudra stands for hand gesture. The Anjali mudra is a common hand position generally practice during the recitation of...

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