Baddha-kona-Asana– The Restrained Angle Pose
Baddha-kona-Asana– The Restrained Angle Pose

Introduction to Baddha kona Asana – The Restrained Angle Pose

The Sanskrit word baddha signifies an attachment, bond, chain, arrested or restrained, bounded. The word  Kona stands for corner or angle hence this is known as the restrained-foot-angle posture.
It is usually pronounced as ba-dah-cone-ah-sa-na or baddha kona asana

Benefits of Baddha kona Asana – The Restrained Angle Pose

Frequent exercise of the baddhakona-asana helps in the elongation of your knees and provokes and improve blood circulation in the legs. This asana should be practised oftentimes till one is well-fixed and comfortable sitting down in the Padma-asana. Besides the legs, the major regions of the body that are energized and stimulated, are the abdomen, hip and lower back, it also helps to keep the kidneys, prostate gland and vesicle /bladder fit. The baddha-konasana is one among the few poses that may be Rehearsed comfortably shortly after eating. Practice this asana for nearly 30 sec to 2 min depending on your comfort level. Repeat it 2 to 3 times a day

Steps for Baddha kona Asana – The Restrained Angle Pose

1.Keeping the back erect, at shoulders level and head up straight away, sit down slowly on the floor with the legs altogether united and then elongate/broaden your legs outright in front.Rest your hands, palms facing down, fixed on top of the thighs and then breathe in deeply.

2. Breathe out and slowly curve the knees drawing the feet towards the body.

Baddha kona Asana – The Restrained Angle Pose
Baddha-kona-Asana– The Restrained Angle Pose

3. Set the soles of both the feet altogether, hold the hands across the feet locking the
Fingers forcing the feet tighter and then positioning the heels versus the perineum. The outermost edge and little toe of both the foot must touch the floor.

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4. Let your knees be down to the floor and try to keep the backbone erect. You can use your elbows to drag down on the thighs if required to get the calves and knees to the base. Halt the position while breathing softly through the nostrils.

5. Resign/release the pose and sit down with the legs elongated away and hands on the thighs.


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