Akarna Dhanura Asana

Introduction to Akarna Dhanura Asana – The Shooting Bows Pose

The Sanskrit word karna means ear . Dhanur means bow-shaped, arced or bent. It is also known as The Shooting –Bow- pose or Akarna Dhanura Asana because of the appearance of the posture. It is pronounced as ah-car-nah da-noor ah-sa-na

Benefits of Akarna Dhanura Asana / The Shooting bows Pose

Whilt doing Akarna Dhanura Asana / The Shooting bows Pose think yourself as an bowman with the stare centered on the aim and the arrow or pointer securely all the same time graciously being pulled back in the bow. Control the pose steadily as an bowman would hold the pointer targeted at its target. Bring back the foot to the floor softly. Akarna Dhanura Asana / The Shooting bows Pose will help to increase your concentration power and establish unshakable attention.

Steps for Akarna Dhanura  Asana / The Shooting bows Pose

Akarna Dhanura Asana The Shooting bows Pose
Akarna-Dhanura-Asana– The Shooting bows Pose

1. Comfortably sit on the floor keeping the legs altogether in a straight manner. Maintain your backbone straight at shoulders level and keep head straight. Put your hands, palms facing down, relax your hand flat on top of your thighs then breathe in deeply.

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2. Breathe out and get through down and coil the index finger of the right hand and try to round the big pointed-toe of the right foot and hold the left foot with the left hand.

3. Breathe in and overstretch the right foot backwards aiming the big pointed-toe adjacent to the right ear. Unbend the back as far as possible and carry the pose for the duration of the breathe in time

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4. Breathe out and come back to the sitting position of step #1 then iterate the pose on the antonym or opposite side


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